‘The Daily Show’ under fire for Trump tweet, accused of transphobia

Someone posting on The Daily Show's Twitter account didn't think a tweet about President Donald Trump through before they posted it and is now facing backlash for it.

The news satire program is of course supposed to get laughs out of its audience as should the show's Twitter account.  However, on Wednesday, May 17, not too many people were laughing at one particular joke, in fact they were calling it transphobic.

In this time of breaking news out of Washington D.C. just about everyday, the show posed a question about predicting what news would come out the following day.

"What news will drop Thursday between 5 and 6pm?” the now-deleted tweet began, before listing four options. “A. Trump uses Constitution as KFC napkin   B. Comey drops a complete 'visual album'   C. Ivanka requests immunity   D. Donald Trump announces he is now Donna Trump.”

Right away you can guess where the joke fell flat.

Option "D" upset some social media users and to make matters worse it was tweeted on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, so many in turn blasted the show for the tweet.

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