'The Flash:' Top 10 moments from 'I Know Who You Are'

On the last episode of The Flash, the team looked for Tracy Brand, the brilliant genius who in the future would create the trap that would keep Savitar in the speed force forever. Unfortunately for the team, Tracy from the present time is not at the level she is at when they come across her years from that point. It is up to them to tap into her feelings of failure at not being taken seriously at her college.

Meanwhile, Cecile and Joe go through an awkward phase of their relationship when she says those three words out of the blue. Joe is reluctant to express his feelings because of the fact that his life is chaotic with Team Flash and he wanted a bit of normalcy for himself. But when Cecile is put in danger, then it becomes critical for the team.

In the end, Barry figures out the true identity of his latest rival. Confronting the man who will one day kill his fiancée, Barry is stunned to come face to face with someone he had not expected beforehand. We are in for a wild ride as we get into the remaining episodes of season three. For now, check out the top ten moments from “I Know Who You Are.”

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