Timeline of events surrounding Tarek and Christina El Moussa since publicly announcing split

Flip or Flop stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa have dominated the headlines since they announced their shocking split on Dec. 12. As if learning that they secretly split months before the announcement and had an altercation which involved a gun and cops being called wasn't enough, almost daily more bombshells have come out about the once seemingly perfect couple.

Following the news that they split up, fans of their hit HGTV show were about to mourn until the pair released a statement saying that they agreed to continue their professional relationship working on Flip or Flop.

"We will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together,” the joint statement said.

Several months later though, reports have surfaced that the couple will not be continuing that business relationship after all and there will not be a season eight of the hit HGTV show. However, the network recently announced that Flip or Flop with the El Moussas will be returning for a season eight, which have their fans rejoicing.

Let's take a look back at all of the developments that have occurred since Christina and Tarek publicly announced their split.

December 12: The El Moussas announced that they were splitting up after seven years of marriage. They also revealed that they had an explosive fight at their home several months prior which led to 11 deputies and one helicopter showing up at their property after Tarek ran out of the house with a gun.

December 13: The following day sources close to the couple confirmed that although their split was just announced to the public, Christina and Tarek had been broken up since the altercation took place last May and have both been dating other people.

December 15: Reports surfaced about Christina's new beau named Gary Anderson. He is a contractor who witnessed the altercation between her and Tarek back in May. After that night a friendship between the two turned romantic.

December 19: A few days after the news came out about Christina dating Anderson, we learned about someone who Tarek was dating. She was identified as 23-year-old Alyssa Logan and was a former nanny of the El Moussa's small children. As scandalous as that news sounded, Christina and Tarek did not want anyone jumping to conclusions and explained that Logan was someone Tarek "hired to help when he had the kids after the separation. This was not the nanny they’ve had for years.”

December 20: Any hope that the El Moussas would reconcile was shattered by the news that people close to Christina said there is no chance that she would ever get back with Tarek and is very happy in her realtionship with Anderson.

December 21: Court documents were uncovered about Christina's new man revealing that he had been through at least two bitter divorces in which he couldn't agree with his former wives on an amount for spousal support, child support or the custody of his children.

December 31: Christina reflects on a “crazy” 2016, writing via Instagram that the year had “highs and lows. A lot of things have changed but one thing will always remain a constant in my life and that is the love I have for our children.”

January 9: Tarek  filed for divorce from Christina. His lawyer announced that his client officially filed the paperwork to legally separate from his wife.

January 10: After Tarek's attorney announced that he had filed the documents to end his marriage, a report surfaced that he would be seeking spousal support from Christina and asked that a judge deny any attempt that she may make to request support from him.

January 18: Tarek publicly blasted some tabloids for spreading what he called “fake news” about him. “No matter the lies, innuendo, salacious gossip and ‘fake news’ that is thrown at me from irresponsible media outlets via anonymous sources, I will focus on what matters most which is co-parenting our children and working hard on our business,” he wrote on Instagram.

January 23: Sources close to Christina said that she approached HGTV executives about getting her very own spinoff show so she would no longer have to work on the same show as Tarek.

January 25: Reports surfaced that Christina doesn’t think too highly of her estranged ex. Sources said that she thinks he's "an absolute pig” over his playboy lifestyle post their split and at times there is tension on the set of their show. “The mood differs day to day, but Christina avoids Tarek,” the insider said because he “does things to piss her off, like bragging loudly about sleeping with girls.”

February 6: Photogs spotted Tarek out with a mystery blonde having dinner in Newport Beach, California and the internet exploded with grainy pictures of the two arriving together. One source inside the restaurant said the pair “looked comfortable” and were “laughing together.”

February 17: Christina causes fan panic and more speculation about the show ending with one social media post in which she thanked the entire Flip or Flop crew and said it was great filming seven wonderful seasons with them.

February 22: Christina finally opened up about the gun altercation that took place at their home months earlier and said that she called 9-1-1 because she thought Tarek was suicidal. However, Tarek said he did not ever plan on harming himself or anyone else that evening. Reports also surfaced around that time that Christina was no longer dating Gary Anderson, which is something her rep confirmed to be true.

March 3: HGTV announced that the network would air several Flip or Flop spinoffs with different couples in different cities. This seemed like another bad sign for the show continuing with Christina and Tarek as fans felt that HGTV would be hoping one of the new couples would be a hit with viewers and get their own show to replace the El Moussas. The network, however, said that this project was in the works for a while, long before Christina and Tarek split.

March 6: Tarek revealed to fans that not only did he battle thyroid cancer previously, but that he had also been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He chose not to announce the latter at the time because he considered that particular type of cancer "more of private thing." He finally chose to speak out though after his stepfather was diagnosed with the disease.

March 27: Christina took to social media to showoff a glammed-up pic shot by a photographer she is a big fan of. More attention was focused on her love life though as at the same time the pic was shared she had to deny rumors that she was dating Anaheim Ducks player Nate Thompson.

March 30: News flooded the internet that after the seventh season airs, season eight of Flip or Flop will not be filming and therefore the show with the El Moussas together would be canceled. Fans began the grieving process when the network did not confirm or deny those reports right away.

April 25: Tarek and Christina announced that they had in fact signed on for season eight of Flip or Flop, which was certainly to the delight of their many fans.

May 12: After the big announcement about their show's new season, things between the former couple seemed to be fine. They even attended the Daytime Emmy Awards together, but a few weeks later Tarek put out a bizarre post on social media that led many to believe he was throwing shade at Christina and the whole gun incident. In the pic, Tarek stood under a bar sign which read: “No guns, weapons of any type.” The reality star added the words  “or Helicopters” with a middle finger emoji and tagged Christina. He later deleted the post and said it was all a joke. Christina wasn't laughing though and clapped back with her own Instagram post and photo.

We don't know what's in store for Tarek and Christina or the upcoming Flip or Flop season, but we'll be sure to stay on top of all the latest news about your favorite HGTV stars.

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