Best After Shows from 'This Is Us'

This Is Us

This Is Us took the nation by storm this past fall with its heartfelt family drama that kept viewers on the edges of their seats and Kleenex in business.

The show, which stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown, also has an after show on YouTube where fans could get behind the scenes gossip, thoughts on each episode from the cast, tears (of course) and lots of laughs.

Some are just a few minutes, while others are 20-30 minutes long. If you haven’t watched any yet, you simply must! Grab your tissues and check out this list of the best after shows from This Is Us.

After the first episode the cast was finally able to talk about the huge plot twist that is the center of the show - that the young Jack and Rebecca are the triplets parents and their scenes are set in the past. They all talk about how hard it was to keep the secret and how it felt that the cat was out of the bag.

The episode where Randall’s father takes him to Memphis to visit his family is particularly poignant, but also painful watching William die. The aftershow has Sterling K. Brown and Ron Cephas Jones talk about each moment of the episode.

Episode 9 was one of the most emotionally exhausting of the season. This is the episode where it’s revealed that Rebecca found William a second time. It’s also the episode where Jack proves to Randall that he will be there forever with the epic push-up scene. And Kate and Kevin discuss her desire to do gastric bypass after a terrifying brush with death on her flight to New York. At this point in the discussions Mandy’s use of I instead of she really hits home with how connected the actors are to their characters.

While episode 4 shows the separation of Kevin and Kate, but it’s also the episode where, if we hadn’t already, we fall in love with Jack. His support of Kate in her bathing suit, without judgement, after she was bullied makes him almost perfect. Then we see Kevin almost drowning because he is the the child with the least issues. Kevin lambasts his parents for not paying attention to him in an honest and amazing way. Milo and Mandy discuss the parenting issues brought up in the scenes.

Episode 15 approaches the topics of teen sex and anxiety on such real levels the best you can hope is that you will be that good of a parent to get your child through either situation. Milo and Mandy discuss “the talk” with Kevin and for Milo how it echoed the talk he got as a teen. We first see the depths of Randall’s anxiety here and again, it the show offers what can be done to help instead of having the parents dismiss the problem, as well as their teamwork with the kids.

The other issue the show addresses in this episode really echos how many women feel about being the ones to give up themselves for the good of the family. Mandy and Milo go into what they felt their characters were going through in that moment. Ironically, and pretty typically, Jack leaves to have a drink while Rebecca stays home with the kids.

Are you addicted to the This Is Us after show? What episode rehash was your favorite?

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