Best covers of 'Despacito' on YouTube right now


"Despacito" just broke all sorts of records on YouTube on top of being the international song of summer. While Lois Fonsi brought in Justin Bieber to Americanize the song, which helped it top the charts in the U.S., there are many less famous people who have absolutely killed it with covers of the Spanish song.

Here are the ones to check out now:

When in doubt acoustic is a great way to garner attention and Bocye has the chops to make it work.

While we aren't sure she's old enough to sing the lyrics, this cover by Angelic is worth listening to.

This translated version from Emma Heesters & Jason Chen is so good it takes a moment to realize they are singing in English!

This gently feminine version from J.Fla has a surprising energy boost halfway in, making it a must-listen.

Can you say mashup? Luciana Zogbi creates her own mashup with side by side screens mixing in "Shape of You," "Faded" and "Treat you Better."

Harmony is a great thing to have and The Filharmonic ft. Chrissie Fit has it in spades. Even after listening to this song for what seems like all day turning this rendition off was not happening.

Metal anyone? While we're not 100 percent with the vocals, the guitar artistry is ridiculous from G&M Guitars.



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