Celebrate 'Dirty Dancing' turning 30 with these epic dance scenes

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

dirty dancing


The iconic movie Dirty Dancing was released 30 years ago today and has remained in the hearts and souls of movie and music lovers everywhere.

It was the summer of '63, the weather was hot and so were the dance instructors. The ever-innocent daddy's girl Baby, played by Jennifer Grey, meets hardened dance instructor Johnny, portrayed by Patrick Swayze and her world changes.

It begins as the naive and curious Baby finds her way to the crew quarters and gets introduced to a news style of dancing.

Penny, Johnny's partner, played by Cynthia Rhodes, finds herself in trouble in a pre-Roe v. Wade world and Baby runs to her father to save the day.

During her recovery Penny cannot dance and the duo needs the money from outside gigs to help pay for life after summer, so Baby is persuaded to fill in despite strong protests from Johnny.

The training ensues, leading to the many funny, frustrating and sexual dance scenes that can be found in Dirty Dancing. The scenes are laced with the real life love-hate relationship between Swayze and Grey.

Check out the best dance scenes from Dirty Dancing:

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