'Chicago Fire' season 6 teaser is just a tease from Derek Haas


Fans of Chicago Fire are shaking in anticipation after season 5 ended in one of the biggest cliffhangers so far and show creator Derek Haas made an offer to alleviate some of the stress.

Except it was a prank.

Preview just for you guys. #ChicagoFire

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Fans are taking it in stride though, laughingly telling Haas he's off their Christmas list and calling him a tease.

Considering what's at stake, he got off pretty easily. If you're blocking the memory the season 5 finale left the fates of five firefighters up in the air including Casey, Mouch, Herrman, Severide and Kanell.

There will indeed be a time jump for the season premiere entitled, "It Wasn't Enough," as fans anticipated. Haas did tell Hollywood Reporter, "You're going to get all of the answers that you were looking for. We don't gloss over anything. All of what happened, happened and the results are going to be earned."

He has been sharing photos on set to feed the fan's addiction.

One more because I love you.

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