David Letterman returns to TV with Netflix deal

We knew his stint as Santa Claus was just filling time!

It's been two years without David Letterman talking to us and now the void in our hearts will be filled via a new six-episode series on Netflix.

The series will features in-depth interviews, as well as side topics chosen by Letterman in a one-hour pre-recorded format.

We've known Dave has been itching to return since he told Tina Fey in his Hollywood Reporter hosted interview with her,  "I'm feeling anxious. I find, since I don't have a show anymore, I can't stop talking, and this is not supposed to be about me."

Not surprising for the man who holds the record as the longest-serving host in U.S. late night television and has over 6,000 episodes of late-night talk shows under his belt.

The 70-year-old says that this project is where he wants to be in this stage of his life.

The series, due out in 2018, is produced by RadicalMedia alongside Letterman's Worldwide Pants banner.

The one thing that will stay the same is the beard. Letterman is standing firm on keeping the white cotton adhered to his face.

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