German officials confiscate orange ecstasy pills that look like Donald Trump

Ecstasy, Donald Trump

Osnabrück Police confiscated orange ecstasy pills with President Donald Trump's likeness on the front and name on the back, this past Saturday.

The German officers found the drugs during a routine traffic stop where father and son were stopped during a trip home from the Netherlands where they were visiting to purchase a car.

Removed from the car were about 5000 ecstasy tablets, in addition, a larger amount of cash was also secured. According to a press release from the department, the purchase value of the tablets is about 11,000 euros($13,000), the sales value is about 39,000 euros (46,000).

The men were arrested and the car towed.

A similar quantity of the orange Trump pills were confiscated in Britain in July In addition, the pills are being marketed for sale on the darknet with slogan “Trump makes partying great again.”

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