Hartley Sawyer To Join The Flash in Season 4

Hartley Sawyer joins The Flash
Hartley Sawyer Joins Season 4 of The Flash as The Elongated Man

Hartley Sawyer will star as The Elongated Man in the upcoming season of “The Flash”.

The Elongated Man, or Ralph Dibney as he is known in the everyday world, is a good guy with special powers. The character is what would happen if you gave Sam Spade the super stretching abilities of Plasticman.  He works a day job as a private investigator but at night he's a crime fighter. Sawyer will be appearing in the recurring role through Season 4,

According to Variety, he will use his abilities to help Team Flash solve one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.

Being a private eye/crimefighter and all.

Hartley Sawyer will not be the only one joining the cast this season. Get ready for Machete to rip the screen up.  Legendary Danny Trejo (“Machete” and “From Dusk Till Dawn”) will be featured in Season 4.  Also joining the cast, Neil Sandilands and Kim Engelbrecht.

Sandilands will star as DC villain Clifford Devoe, aka The Thinker, a metahuman with a mega mind. Old smarty pants and his mega mindyness will be the central villain for this season.  Its being billed a a battle between the “fastest man alive” and the “fastest mind alive.”

Being a mega mind always involves a complicated plan.  Since Clifford is a true genius, he’s got one to fix everything wrong with humanity.

Trejo will play Breacher, a scary bounty hunter from Earth-19 and the terrifying Dad to bounty hunter Gypsy (Jessica Camacho).

Engelbrecht is The Mechanic, a smart but not mega minded engineer who designs contraptions for Devoe. She's also Devoe's major fangirl.

Executive producer Todd Helbing said the show would be returning to a lighter tone for Season 4 after the last one got so very very dark. Also he seemed relieved to have a non-Speedster villain dominating the whole season

“With three Speedsters in a row, this year it’s the fastest man alive against the fastest mind alive,” he said. “We’re also trying to lighten the tone this year. Last year was pretty dark, we’re going to try to get back to the jokes.”

Hartley Sawyer last television role CW Seed’s “Saving the Human Race.”

“The Flash” Season 4 is set to premiere on the CW Oct. 10

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