HBO hackers leak exec emails and GoT script

The HBO hackers that grabbed the unreleased script of Game of Thrones last month got more than anyone bargained for.

Monday they released images of screenshots showing employee listings and email addresses and other aspects of HBO's infrastructure. This is on top of showing off screenshots of the personal data of a senior HBO executive, which led to the access of internal emails.

HBO Hackers try Blackmail

HBO CEO Richard Plepler was emailed a video message that states, "We successfully breached into your huge network. … HBO was one of our difficult targets to deal with but we succeeded (it took about 6 months)."

In addition, according to Hollywood Reporter, hackers also claimed that HBO is their 17th target, in which all but three have paid the ransoms required to keep the information confidential.

This comes just days after Plepler assured staff that emails were not compromised.

The entire situation is deja vu all over again from the SONY hack in 2014 where hackers backed by North Korea released video files, scripts and thousands of emails, most memorable of which were from Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal.

With the number of passwords to remember and password keepers themselves getting hacked, how safe do you feel online after this?

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