Kesha adds new motivational ink to her collection


Kesha has been standing strong for a long time now and got some ink to share her mantra.

The performer showed off new finger tattoos designed by Derrick Snodgrass of Oblivious Surroundings, on Instagram today.

LIVE FREE @oblivioussurroundings ☠️

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MTV speculates that the "Live Free" slogan is from the hashtag Kesha's supporters have been using through her trial with Dr. Luke - #FreeKeshaNow.

She also proves it doesn't matter what you've been through or how old you are, mom's are the same no matter time nor place with her comment on the second post:

"my mom is going to be soooo mad when she sees these #FREE #FREE#FREE #FREE #FREE but maybe not. maaaaaybe she will understand......"

Kesha's ink collection had already included anchors, hearts, a whale, a tiger, an eye and her favorite, rainbows.

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