Lil Peep, Singer/Rapper, Comes Out as Bisexual

lil peep, goth angel

Lil Peep, the 20-year-old YouTube generated singer/rapper rising star came out bluntly.

On Twitter, the  20-year-old posted “yes I’m bi sexual,”

After almost a minute, he followed that up with “who wants a kiss”.

On Instagram he was a little more succinct:

“Bi sexual smoothies with lil peep. oh my god I’m gay as [email protected] but I still love girls. wats going on who has cocaine I wana make music,”.


Lil Peep's tweets were short and to the point

Lil Peep has been open about battling with depression and thoughts of suicide. He discusses them in both his music and in media interviews.

“There was a point of time where I didn’t step out my house for two months,” he told XXL.

“I was very reclusive and depressed. I was in the house and just listening to Future and music and it took me out of my bedroom, metaphorically. It inspired me to try it myself. I can kind of write songs for people so I thought why don’t I write my own songs.”

He is currently preparing to release his debut album Come Over When You’re Sober, which will be available on 11 August.

Watch the music video for his latest single The Brightside below:

Lil Peep, for those just now hearing about him

Lil Peep, is an American rapper and singer from Long Beach, Long Island, New York.

His music contains lyrical themes on suicide, past relationships, drug use, and witchcraft. In short, Stevie Nicks minus the legendariness.

This has not kept him form being described as "the future of emo" by Steven J. Horowitz of Pitchfork.

Lipsearingly hot as that kind of recommendation might be from Pitchfork, Fader loves him even more.

YouTube, apparently agrees.

Four of his songs have each gained over three million views on YouTube.

He currently resides in London, and according to his press is a member of the collective Gothboiclique and is formerly a member of Schemaposse. Which: whatever.

Good Luck to the Lil Peep and congratulations on coming out.

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