Nicholas Galitzine in new 'Watcher in the Woods'

Nicholas Galitzine
Tallulah Evans and Nicholas Galitzine in The Watcher in the Woods

Nicholas Galitzine, who has been raising eyebrows (and temperatures) since his hit Handsome Devil (now on Netflix) will be starring in a very American classic horror.

The incredibly talented young actor really started hearts racing for his searing performance (and his shirtless bits) in High Strung.

Lifetime is bringing back the cult classic The Watcher in the Woods. Galitzine will be playing one of the main supporting roles.

Watcher in the Woods is based on the 1976 novel of the same name.

The film has appropriately chosen a legendary star to helm the classic. The original film in  1980 featured the titanic Bette Davis, at her bone crunchiest.

Lifetime decided to stay in the same vein with Anjelica Huston. This has of course led to much discussion as to who could possibly be a campier choice to play Ms. Aylwood: Anjelica Huston or Bette Davis?

Obviously the correct answer is Huston. She gets double camp points for stepping into a role originated by Baby Jane.

We shall see whose actual performance gets top honors however.

The story begins with Ms. Aylwood, whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared into the woods 20 years previously. Enter Jan and her family. Jan bears a striking resemblance to Karen (the missing Aylwood girl).

Nicholas Galitzine plays her disturbingly hot, boy-next-door neighbor.

Supernatural suspense and mystery are suddenly unleashed.

When it was first released as a film in 1980, it was Disney's first attempt at a bona fide horror film. The studio was still using the directorial style that they had used with their children's classics. The mix left behind something unmistakably eery.

Lifetime is going for something much darker, according to industry buzz.

The new thriller is directed and executive-produced by Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch). It will premiere on Lifetime Oct. 21. Check it out and congratulations to Nicholas Galitzine.

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