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SNES Classic pre-orders drop at 1 a.m., leaves many empty handed


It wasn't a dream, nor was it deja vu. Nintendo SNES Classic systems were available for pre-order at 1 a.m. this morning and are already gone.

In stock alerts failed from Amazon and Best Buy, Brickseek only showed Best Buy's availability and that wasn't until 2:47 a.m. according my own inbox, by which point it was too late.

The other issue was the lack of clarity on the pre-order date. According to Forbes, Nintendo made the statement that the unit will be available to pre-order the end of August. This was after many people got burned by Walmart getting a false start on pre-orders in July, forcing the giant to give refunds to hundreds of people.


While Nintendo promises there will be more SNES than there were NES, after this start do consumers even trust the Japanese game-maker?

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