Stephen King's 'IT' hoping to break box office records

Stephen King, IT

Pennywise the Clown looks to break box office records.

The horror remake of Stephen King's terrifying novel IT is poised to potentially help scare some life into the movie industry after the box office endured a miserable month of August.

Early box office tracking has the film projecting to have an opening weekend between $50-$60 million. If it reaches $60 million that would be a record for a horror film opening weekend and the biggest opening for any film in September.

The current September record holder is Hannibal with a $58 million opening weekend. The film's R rating could have some impact on the opening weekend but the film has received a considerable amount of hype and anticipation from people.

The past few years have seen success in the horror genre including The Conjuring franchise whose latest film Annabelle: Creation is approaching $70 million domestically. IT looks to continue this trend.

IT will be released in theaters on Sept. 8.




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