Taylor Swift ends social media blackout with this message

taylor swift, superbowl

Taylor Swift's social media blackout ended yesterday with a cryptic video.

It was just Friday when Swift wiped out every post on every social media platform she's on, including her avatars.

Taylor Swift, instagram

About 72 hours later Swift put this video on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook although her fan site remains dark.

Could this odd amphibian tail be a teaser to her new album? Some fans think so.

No matter what this is - publicity, new album, shade - her fans are totally freaking out. It is now three years since her last album, which had previously dropped every two years. She dropped two singles at her Super Bowl LI.

Swift just had a major win in court with a Denver court awarding her $1  in damages, deciding DJ David Mueller was guilty of assault and battery to her during a 2013 photo shoot.

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