The Crown Season 2 Trailer Drops, Unamusedly.

The Crown is unamused. We are let to know this by the terse voiceovers on the season trailer. Claire Foy sounds wildly frustrated as a young Queen Elizabeth. From the narration we know why. She is sick of rumors starting.

And really, who isn't?

"The rumors still have not gone away. I have learned more about humiliation in the last few weeks than I hoped I would in a lifetime,"

Emmy nominee Claire Foy sounds rather like she is on the warpath.
The storyline follows the years between 1956-1964--one of the fondest eras of her reign.Sadly for legions of viewers who have enjoyed her classically understated performance, this will be Foy's last appearance as the Queen of England.

The new season begins with a cadre of soldiers fighting a toxically illegal war in Egypt and ends with the disgrace of Harold Macmillan.
In a release, Netflix said "the second season bears witness to the end of the age of deference, and ushers in the revolutionary era of the 1960s." Which: Thanks Netflix for stating the perfectly obvious.

The Emmy-nominated series also stars Matt Smith as a prickly and frustrated Prince Philip. Vanessa Kirby returns as a literally irrepressible Princess Margaret. Victoria Hamilton as The Queen Mother. 

In an interesting turn, this season will see Dexter's Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy. Jodi Balfour will play Jaqueline Kennedy. We are looking forward to see what kind of chemistry that creates.

Matthew Goode as Antony Armstrong-Jones, a society photographer and love interest for Princess Margaret. (Because really, what were the early 60s without Margaret having a love interest?

Anton Lesser is taking on the role of Harold Macmillian, the one-time Prime Minister.

Season one of The Crown won two Golden Globes and has been nominated for 10 Emmys.

The Crown returns December 8 on Netflix.

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