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Will & Grace Returns to Set For Reboot!

Will & Grace, Reboot, Debra Messing
Will & Grace Reboot is apparently as awesome for the stars as it is for the fans!

Will & Grace. Like double omg!  Its like having the original cast of This Is Us come back to shoot another season.

Oh wait.

Maybe its more like having Star Trek come back into production decades after the show went off the air.

Anyways, the band is all back together and everything and two of the costars: Debra Messing and Megan Mullally celebrated the first day of taping

Mullally chirpily joked, “We’re on Broadway! Oh wait. That’s not right.”


Will & Grace, Debra Messing, Reboot
Debra Messing shot super fun Instagram video from backstage!

The camera then panned to show Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack, who were total happy goofballs for the shot.

According to Us Magazine: "The energy in that room was amazing! The amount of returning staff, crew, writers and producers ... It looked like one big family reunion. The standing ovation at the start went on for awhile. We basically let out 11 years worth of built up screaming. Then we did it all again once they were done taping."

Will & Grace Reboot!

The Will & Grace revival will air a 16-episode season in the fall. But it's already been renewed for a 13-episode season. Because you are probably wondering.....The story pretends that the events in the 2006 finale never happened. (Hey. It worked in the 1980s for Dallas)

Will & Grace re debuts September 28.

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