11 times Murtagh proves he's the best in Starz' 'Outlander' [SPOILER ALERTS]

Outlander fans breathed a collective sigh of relief on Sept. 24 when it was revealed that Murtagh (played with panache by Duncan Lacroix) did not die at the Battle of Culloden.

People who read the books thought that he suffered a different fate and spent the past few episodes waiting for the other shoe to drop.  However showrunner Ron Moore (with the green light from author Diana Galbadon) decided to keep him alive and sent him off to the Colonies.  So, Murtagh lives, at least for now.

Jamie Murtagh
James Allenby Kirk (Hayes), Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh Fitzgibbons), Keith Fleming (Lesley)- Outlander 303 Starz

Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.  He is fiercely loyal to his friends and can be merciless to his enemies.  He always looks like a ragamuffin, and can't dance at all, but his advice is sound and he will do his best to protect Jamie and those whom Jamie loves from any and all harm.

Murtagh even knows Claire’s time traveling secret and he was not appalled when he found out this vital piece of information.  He was instrumental in the rescue plot to get Jamie out of Wentworth Prison and served as a peacekeeper between the couple while they were in France.

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All in all, Murtagh is the kind of a friend that we all want to have.  It is a gift that the team behind the Outlander series on Starz decided to keep him alive as he will surely eventually be on hand for more wonderful adventures related to our favorite star crossed lovers.

Click next for the top eleven Murtagh moments in Outlander:

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