11 times Murtagh proves he's the best in Starz' 'Outlander' [SPOILER ALERTS]

The Sweet Story of His Love for Ellen MacKenzie

The bracelets that, as it turns out, Murtagh had given Ellen Mackenzie, Jamie’s mother, as a wedding present. He had killed a boar by himself with a dagger, trying to prove himself as a man worthy of her ...but she had another suitor.

Claire’s sister-in-law Jenny Murray gifted her with some beautiful bracelets  made from the tusks of a wild boar that belonged to her mother Ellen MacKenzie.  Jenny said that her mother would never say who gave them to her.  While on the road looking for Jamie, Murtagh tells Claire of his unrequited love for Ellen and how he gifted her with those bracelets that he had made especially for her after he killed a boar with only his dagger.  While Ellen went on to marry Brian Fraser, Murtagh fell down to his knees and promised her that he would look after and protect Jamie for the rest of his life.  And he did and still does.

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