Alamo Drafthouse releases creepy ‘It’ inspired no-texting PSA

it, stephen king

Well, we’ve been warned.

The movie-theater chain Alamo Drafthouse recently released a video starring Jackson Robert Scott — who plays Georgie in It — warning us not to talk or text when seeing a movie at their theater, or else “we’ll float too.”

Watch the creepy video here:

It’s a weird mixture of cute — given his young age and yellow jacket— and terrifying watching Scott deliver this message. That is, until it goes full-on terrifying at the end when a female version of Pennywise pops up to scare the living daylights out of us.

It is in theaters now and is based on the Stephen King property of the same name. In the film, Jackson Robert Scott plays a young boy who encounters Pennywise the Clown early in after finding him standing in a drainage sewer. The results, well, they aren’t pretty.

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Don’t worry Alamo Drafthouse, the message was received loud and clear. We won’t be texting anytime soon at the theater as long as that promo is running.

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