Apple and Amazon considering purchasing rights to James Bond franchise

James Bond

James Bond purchasing all his new gadgets off of Amazon or receiving messages from M via an iPhone? Why not.

After the release of Spectre in 2015, Sony’s contract regarding the rights to the James Bond films expired, catching many studios attention as the franchise is a considerable money-maker. While Warner Brothers was — and presumably still is — leading the pack of potential buyers, Apple and Amazon have now thrown their names in for consideration.

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According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, they are willing to spend just as much money, if not more, on purchasing the franchise as Warner Bros.

Companies such as MGM, Universal and Fox have also shown interest, while Sony is attempting to retain the rights.

However, should Apple and Amazon purchase the franchise, it would mark a significant change for 007— given that these companies (obviously) did not start their businesses through the film distribution market. It could potentially further effect the future of major film studios attaining business — similar to how Netflix is now creating their own content and taking money away from theaters.

Bond is currently one of the more iconic brands — seeing how From Russia with Love, the first Bond film, was released in 1963 and the most recent one, Spectre, still made over $800 million at the box office — that is not owned by a major company.

The rights to the Bond franchise is currently worth anywhere between the $2 billion to $5 billion mark. Should Apple or Amazon attain the rights, it’s quite possible that they would try to create a cinematic franchise that exists outside the title character.

But for now, none of this is officially set in stone until Bond finds his new home. Bond 25, for the time being, is still set to be released on November 8 of 2019 with Daniel Craig returning to star.

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