Fan reactions to CBS' 'Star Trek: Discovery' premiere are a love/hate split

star trek discovery

Like many, I have been anticipating the release of the new Star Trek series Discovery. The conversation in my house last night went, 'I want to watch Star Trek.' 'We're going to watch Outlander, then Star Trek since there's a football game and it will start late and the finale of Teen Wolf tomorrow.'

After binge-watching Star Trek: Enterprise on HULU this summer and making Borg references to annoy the kids, I still wasn't sure what this new series would bring. And CBS kept it tightly under wraps not letting any news outlets review the series before the premiere.

After watching the premiere I am still not sure what to expect. While I realized the initial species was Klingon from some of the makeup, the drastic difference and darkness in look was confusing. I loved they brought Number One into the story line. It was interesting that the first officer was the adventurous one after Captain Kirk (the William Shatner version) paved the way for that.

The blatant political statements threw me. The over-the-top acceptance of a light-skinned Klingon, Michael's PTSD and prejudice against the Klingons, and other, stronger statements felt like they were crammed into one episode. I watch shows to escape not be bombarded by one-sided politics.

The set design, tech and graphics were ridiculously amazing. Honestly, I'd watch just for that. Now raise your hand, who else knew it was a Klingon war ship before it opened? ME!

Overall, I was relieved that it wasn't just me wondering what the heck CBS did to the classic series and if it was going to be better going forward.

The big problem was if you hadn't quite settled in to watch, WHEN the series is taking place was very confusing. Not hearing the one sentence in the first officer's log could make the rest of the show beyond confusing.

So far I am not the only one who likes The Orville with it's campish comedy better - even though I thought I'd hate the mocking of Star Trek:

This comment gave me a chuckle:

The other chuckle from many was the hashtag #STD was poorly thought out and got caught in other posts, ones actually about sexually transmitted diseases.

Another problem on CBS is that they cannot get a schedule set when football games are on. Honestly, we could have skipped Oprah on 60 Minutes and gotten right into Star Trek. The big response (after being inundated every commercial break) - Sorry, not paying for CBS streaming.

Overall, the reactions to Discovery are pretty well split between love and hate:

The one thing everyone agrees is amazing is the option for Klingon subtitles:

What did you think of the show? Love it? Hate it? Totally confused? Tell us below!

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