Indie rock band The Stangs releases new EP, 'American Sessions'

'American Sessions Cover Art, The Stangs

Hailing from Pembrokeshire in Western Wales, The Stangs is an up-and-rising three-piece band whose sound escalates between an indie-rock vibe and Brit Rock to Pop Punk.

The band’s main writer and lead vocalist, Graeme Heath, pens songs that have gained them world-wide attention.  Originally formed in 2015, The Stangs are taking their compelling music beyond doing live shows in their local area and into venues across the UK and around the world via Spotify and a growth in online presence.  Already creating waves within the British indie scene, the demand for The Stangs is growing their potential in the UK music circuit, bringing them to a number of festivals and well-known live venues there.

Having caught the attention of indie producer, Michael Baker, during a show at London’s The Troubadour, the band was invited back to a marathon of three day writing and recording at his New Jersey studio.  The result is the magnetic four song EP, American Sessions, which will be released song by song over the course of the summer.

Heath’s melodies are backed by Josh Lomas’ bass and Glenn Alcock’s rapid sure-fire drumming, creating an ambiance of bold sounds.

American Sessions opens up with the first track, “The Beekeeper,” that fully tilts off some uproarious guitar riffs, warming up to a great retro vibe.  There is also a grainy garage rock feel that is evident on the song.  Clocked full with an indie-rock and punk energy, the great cadence is imbued with raspy vocals that overall adds to the gritty outtake in the music.  With a distinct rhythmic bluesy approach, Lomas keeps up with the busty rhythms on the happening bassline.  This happy-go-luck, catchy feel captures a feel-good vibe, bustling variety.

On the following track, “She’s A Stranger,” comes across as a charming song with an electric sound.  There is some numerating over the guitar strings as this striking track picks up speed midway as more of the drums sidles in.  An intimate sound can be gauge as Heath sings close to the mic.  The vocals are in tune with the guitars that string along a melodic tune filled with “woah-oh-oh’s.”

“Never Been To London” recalls a Beatles-esques sound with an alternative rock vibe.  A tinge of melancholy could be seen on the track filled with reverberating guitars and the percussions breaking half-way into the song, giving it a more upbeat pulse.

The last track, “Dirty Faces,” is a country bent song, blended with a bluesy and soaring rock ‘n’ roll vibe.  Here, Heath sings in a bluesy and candid manner.

The Stangs have created a concrete sound with their music.  Laced with an alternative, indie-rock, and pop punk vibe, the band’s organic approach to spreading their music in the UK and beyond via social media has bolstered their online presence, and has gained them valuable slots as the supporting act in many festivals and live venue events throughout the UK.

Their cathartic release not only reinforces their methods toward popularity, but it also proves that The Stangs’ raw and authentic sound is paving the way for a mounting fanbase.

Be sure to give The Stangs a listen today.  Their punk energy and indie and alternative rock vibe will have you demanding more.

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