Jake Paul gives back to Houston after Hurricane Harvey

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Jake Paul took time out of his day to day drama to go down to Houston when he learned his fans were caught in the evacuation after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area.

While the vlogger and YouTube sensation is best known for the chaos he causes where ever he goes, this time he chose to bring peace to chaos.

Paul went into the flood zone and helped evacuate stranded families with a level of compassion that contradicts the crazy antics he's known for.

He was was on the ground in Houston, staying at a fan's home, with the goal of filling two U-Haul trucks with water to bring the the center of the tragedy.

He has called on the support of his 10 million fans to do the same. Jake set up a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised over $40,000 towards its $500,000 goal stating on his vlog that even a dollar helps. In addition, he has created a Harvey-themed T-shirt with the proceeds to Harvey victims.

Things got even more real to him when he realized a photo he posted on Instagram of a family being evacuated showed a Team 10 t-shirt, his slogan, which is worn by his fans. He spent time with the family, the first responders who saved them and their neighbors, even receiving a rescue t-shirt in appreciation to his hard work and dedication to saving people.

this breaks my heart.. this is one of the many families evacuating their homes in Houston. The Hurricane is now hitting Port Arthur.. if you're anywhere near there please evacuate immediately.. also, If you look closely the girl in this picture is wearing a Team 10 shirt... This is heart breaking... This is why we are here ground floor in Houston... there are tons of people & tons of families & Jake Paulers who need our help & rescuing. This makes me want to work all throughout the night to save people. Today we pulled 8 people out of their homes & got them to safety. We are doing everything we can but we still need your help.. & any help we can get ground floor on Houston.. pls send prayers & pls donate to any fund or cause that you can.. thank you❤️

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He brought Houston's reality to his vlog by explaining to an audience that may not truly understand what the convention centers were being used for and the current day to day situation for families who were devastated by the hurricane.

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Credit: Jake Paul "What We Saw Made Him Cry."

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His message:

"Be grateful for what you have, keep on smiling, keep on dabbing on the haters, keep on working hard. If you do all those things in life you will be successful no matter what."

Okay, let's be really honest, since it is Jake Paul, there was some drama.

Check out more of Jake's relief work efforts on YouTube here.

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