'Midnight, Texas' finale recap: 'The Virgin Sacrifice'

Midnight, Texas

Last week on Midnight, Texas, Fiji’s past was revealed and she went to the demon Colcannar after thinking she killed Manfred in a spell gone wrong. When Manfred returned from the dead, the Midnighters discovered Fiji was gone.

“The Virgin Sacrifice” begins by showing Fiji and Jeremy walking into a deserted Midnight. As they walk through the town, the ground shakes, and Jeremy tells her Colcannar will arrive that night. He also tells her the group of wraiths that approaches them was sent as protection.

The rest of the Midnighters are on the vampire bus headed towards the town. They talk about Colcannar and discuss that he wants to have sex with Fiji. The group agrees they will not allow that to happen. Manfred tells the group Colcannar will rise that night on the blood moon, but because of Fiji’s spell, he knows how to kill the demon. Manfred tells Bobo, Olivia, and Creek to find Fiji when they get to Midnight. The group looks at the weapons they have and the Rev blesses their weapons and water.

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In a different part of the bus, Olivia talks to Lemuel and notes he is tired, while he notes she is scared. The two agree not to leech any energy since they are no longer together. In another part, Creek questions Manfred about the details of his plan, but he will not say. She relents and tells him not to die.

Back in Midnight, Jeremy takes Fiji to her house to get herself ready for the demon. He touches her shoulder and it burns. He is not really Jeremy, but a wraith. All the wraiths then take on his form as he continues to talk to her, saying she is like Colcannar because she is also a destroyer. She shuts herself in her house and tries to calm herself down.

Midnight, Texas
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The Midnighters arrive back in town to save the day. Manfred, Lemuel, Joe, and the Rev work on distracting the wraiths so Bobo, Olivia, and Creek can get to Fiji. Olivia uses a sniper rifle to shoot the wraiths heading for Bobo and Creek so they are able to get to Fiji’s house. Fiji is upset they risked their lives for her, even when she finds out Manfred is alive and knows how to defeat Colcannar. Fiji does not want any of her friends to die for her and says she can handle the demon alone. While running for Fiji’s, Olivia is badly burned by the Jeremy wraith, who Fiji immediately attacks. The group gets her inside and tries to help.

Midnight, Texas
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At the pawn shop, Manfred focuses on all the spirits he can hear in the items around the shop. Manfred enlists Lemuel’s help to look for a demonic spirit because the shaman told him that is what he needs.

Fiji makes a concoction to help Olivia, while berating Bobo for coming back. Manfred calls and Olivia demands Creek not tell the others she is hurt because it will be a distraction. Creek tells him they are all at Fiji’s and to focus on defeating the demon. The two then say their I love you’s for the first time.

At the pawn shop, Lemuel finds some demonic items for Manfred to use and asks what he is going to do with the objects. Manfred replies he is going to be possessed, which Lemuel thinks is a bad idea. Lemuel offers his blood to help him, which Manfred declines.

Fiji is worried about Olivia getting an infection so Creek decides to take Olivia to a hospital while Bobo stays with Fiji. The group manages to get her into the car and Fiji and Bobo rush back inside.

Midnight, Texas
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The Rev talks to Joe about the last time the veil opened. Joe says this fight is different from all the others because it is for his home. The Rev then offers to consecrate a sword Joe found in the shop. The Rev talks to Lemuel and tells him they will use the church as a sanctuary if needed.

Fiji lights a healing candle for Olivia and says her intentions can help make Olivia well. Bobo asks about her plans to defeat Colcannar. She tells him that her powers can be destructive. He presses and she finally tells him about Jeremy, saying she can kill Colcannar in the same way.

Manfred tells the group he is planning on being possessed by multiple demonic spirits. If he fails, they are all in trouble and Lemuel and Joe agree to try and stop him if necessary. The blood moon is about to rise so the Rev goes to the basement, saying he will pray for them until he changes. Manfred invites the demonic spirits to come forward, offering to free them from this world if they help him defeat Colcannar. The spirits agree.

Midnight, Texas
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In the car, Olivia is not doing well and asks Creek to tell Lemuel she “would have come back to him.”

Bobo tells Fiji what happened to Jeremy was not her fault. They continue to talk and he suggests they have sex, both because he wants to and cares about her, and because it will ruin Colcannar’s plan. He talks about the day they met and she tells him she has thought about them together. Then they kiss and end up in the garden. She asks if he is scared of her and he says she is different now.

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Colcannar rises in front of the church where his wraiths put an offering. His first demand is they bring him Fiji. Possessed Manfred shows up and tells the demon he is not getting Fiji. Colcannar asks the possessed Manfred to join him, but he declines and throws a fireball at the demon.

While Joe protects Fiji by attacking wraiths in front of her house, Bobo and Fiji are in the back garden. She is still worried about hurting him, but he tells her not to worry and he gives her his trust and love. The two begin kissing again and start to have sex. Outside Joe is still fighting the wraiths when a power washes through them, destroying them all.
Colcannar screeches, knowing Fiji is no longer a virgin, and therefore he cannot take her power. He tells Manfred they are all dead now and throws a fireball. Manfred is knocked down and several cars are broken and on fire. Joe tries to help, but his sword burns up in the demon’s body. Lemuel grabs another object for Manfred and he takes that spirit. With the possessed Manfred more powerful, he is able to defeat Colcannar. Manfred tells the spirits they are free to go to Hell now and they leave his body and cracks in the ground fix themselves as the veil heals.

The group rushes to Manfred, who seems to be alright. Fiji thanks them for saving her, then Bobo tells Lemuel about Olivia.

Madonna arrives at the hospital. Creek called her, not knowing what else to do and tells her the doctors say Olivia might not survive. When Lemuel and Manfred reach the hospital, Creek tells Lemuel the doctors cannot do anything else. Lemuel goes to her room, biting himself and giving her some of his blood. She wakes, surprised she is alive. He admits he gave her some of his blood, which is not good for humans. He says he would not lose her and she replies alright.

In a hallway, Madonna talks to Olivia’s father on the phone, telling him she is alive. She tells him not to come and that she will continue to watch Olivia.

Creek asks Manfred what happened and he tells her about the spirits that took over his body. The two talk for a minute and then they kiss.

A week later, the town is gathered at the church, smiling with their loved ones as the Rev talks. Chuy, Joe, Fiji, and Bobo are in the crowd. Creek comes in and sits down with Manfred, and we see what the town is celebrating is Olivia and Lemuel’s wedding. Olivia jokes he does not need to worry because her ring is platinum when they exchange their rings.

At their reception, the couple's dance and talk. Olivia and Lemuel have a touching moment, talking to each other about their relationship. Chuy tells Joe he thinks the veil is closed for good, and if not and it opens in a thousand years, they have time. Fiji pulls Bobo away from the reception and the new couple agrees to come back before cake cutting time. Just outside the reception, Manfred and Creek talk. She tells him everything was possible because of him, but since he came back for her, he disagrees and says she made it possible.

The next morning, Manfred lies in bed with Creek beside him and then goes to the bathroom for pills. His ear starts bleeding and then the ground starts rumbling. Everyone goes outside to see what is happening and see a construction crew. A woman introduces herself as Melanie Pratt and says they are renovating the hotel. They want to revive Midnight and says the town has an interesting history. The Midnighters do not think this is a good idea and Manfred sees a ghost in the hotel banging on the window.

I think this was a fun season finale and hope Midnight, Texas is renewed for a second season. The only part that surprised me about the episode was Madonna! I had no idea she was spying for Olivia’s father. The Olivia and Lemuel wedding was sweet, though it felt a bit rushed given their relationship drama this season. It was a nice ending for all the characters though, especially after the turmoil they were all put through.

What did you think about the finale? Comment below to let me know.

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