'Midnight, Texas' recap: 'Angel Heart'

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This week on Midnight, Texas, the Midnighters must band together to protect Joe from an angelic bounty hunter.

During last week’s episode of Midnight, Texas, the group discovered the veil between Midnight and Hell is frayed. Meanwhile, Creek’s life was upended when she found out her brother was a serial killer. Joe put himself in danger by using his powers to save Creek, knowing he can be found now by other angels.

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“Angel Heart” begins with a flashback from a millennium ago with Joe and another angel, Bowie. After a battle, Bowie is excited and tells Joe someday he will enjoy the fighting, but he looks unsure.

In present day, Bowie tells the story to a demon as she walks towards Midnight looking for Joe. The demon says he was drawn to Midnight. She kills the demon, telling him all demons should be destroyed.

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In Midnight, Manfred is enjoying his breakfast when he hears ghosts outside. He reaches for his pills, but does not want to worry Creek. Creek’s life changed a few days before and she is trying to distract herself by going to work. Manfred tries to comfort her, but fails.

At the restaurant, Creek’s coworker Madonna asks her what she needs, but Creek insists she just wants to get to work. When she goes to do inventory, and Madonna shares her worries with Fiji and the Rev who are in the back room. Fiji is stressed and scared. The demon is terrorizing her, whispering and laughing randomly to remind her of its presence.

Chuy arrives at Joe’s, surprising his husband as he paints. Joe is upset, reminding Chuy Midnight is unsafe for him right now. Chuy replies he would rather be in danger with him, than safe and alone. He wants to tell the Midnighters their story and ask them for help. Joe argues but danger is inevitable as the veil is weakening.

Manfred’s dead grandmother Xylda reminds him all he can truly do is support Creek. However, when he arrives at the resturant, Creek is annoyed. He says being around lots of people helps him because that means there are less ghosts. She softens and Manfred says he will work on his website in the back room.

Still in the back room, Fiji greets Manfred and asks how Creek is fairing. Fiji tells him the town is different since Connor’s death, quieter. Neither has seen Joe since he showed them his wings, and Fiji reveals he is worried about being found.

At the church the Rev is accosted by Bowie, who demands information on Joe. The Rev refuses and throws the pulpit at her, and in turn she uses her powers to rummage through his head. She sees what he is, calls him nothing, and throws him into a window.

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Leaving the restaurant, Manfred sees Bowie leaving the church and staring at Joe and Chuy’s tattoo parlor. He calls Joe, who looks out and sees Bowie. Chuy tells him not to panic and takes out his phone. When Bowie breaks down the door, the building is empty.

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Manfred keeps an eye on Bowie, calling Joe with her whereabouts. Chuy’s hiding spot is Olivia’s assassin closet/panic room. Joe gives Manfred information on Bowie, including her hate of supernaturals and ability to read minds. Lemuel and Olivia’s home is heavily fortified so the rest of the Midnighters are on their way.

As Manfred walks towards Olivia’s, he sees Bowie and immediately backtracks to his camper. He calls on Xylda for help before Bowie knocks on the door and asks him questions about Joe. She tries to read his mind, but because Xylda is in his body, it just comes out as a mess of voices. She leaves and Xylda leaves Manfred’s body.

Entering Olivia and Lemuel’s, Manfred tells everyone about Bowie’s mind reading. The Rev is missing, but Joe and Chuy decide to tell everyone what is happening. Joe tells them Bowie was a friend, but now wants to kill him because he left the fold and fell in love with Chuy, a demon.

The group is shocked, but Joe continues with his tale, telling them he met Chuy by saving him when he was attacked and mugged. Joe figured out what he was, but saw his goodness. Chuy is half demon, his mother was human and helped him be good. The group is divided, some angry it took them so long to tell, others forgiving. Bowie is a problem for all of them, but she is difficult to kill. Joe says he is unable to, and last time Chuy changed it took him three years to get him back. Manfred suggests they trap Bowie in Hell, like he and Fiji did to ghosts in his house.

Joe and Bobo set up the mirror while Fiji gets the spell ready. Fiji is agitated, and Joe promises he does not read their minds, but Bowie will. When he leaves, Fiji remarks she can barely keep up with all the secrets. She asks Bobo if he has more, and he says small ones and admits he misses his family. He then tells Fiji he loves her, she replies okay and goes to work on the portal.

Lemuel and Olivia talk about their life together. She tells him they have an expiration date given their differences. Lemuel seems surprised, saying they have options, but she does not want to be a vampire. Olivia wants to enjoy whatever time they have and he agrees, but when she turns away he looks heartbroken.

Back at the restaurant, Madonna gently suggests Creek take a break because she has worked for eight hours straight. Creek walks outside for some air and decides to go to the church. She finds the Rev knocked out and brings him to the restaurant. Unfortunately, Bowie is already there reading Madonna’s mind. The Rev tells Creek to run, but Bowie gets to her and reads her mind.

Meanwhile, Manfred tells Joe about his family’s stories, including a finger that supposedly came off in a demon fight. Joe says he believes Manfred is the one who will lead them in the fight, sharing his information. They are interrupted by a call from Bowie who is holding the restaurant hostage. She tells Manfred she will kill the humans, starting with Creek, if he refuses to give up Joe in the next half hour.

Bowie demands a drink from Creek and Madonna tries to stand up to her, but Bowie knows all her secrets. Bowie uses information about Creek’s family against her, making her think it was her fault. The Rev asks if Bowie is fallen too, which she admits.

Leaving the restaurant, Bowie pushes Creek outside while she meets Joe. Bobo and Olivia grab Creek while Joe keeps Bowie’s attention away from the others. Fiji and Manfred get the mirror ready, but Bowie is able to destroy it and attacks Manfred. She reads his mind and uses his insecurities and Creek’s against him before Joe attacks.

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Joe and Bowie fight in the sky and end up crashing in the church. She beats Joe and threatens to kill him, when Chuy shows up in demon form. He attacks Bowie and Joe tries to talk him down. Chuy attacks Lemuel, who tries to fight but fails. Manfred throws the finger at Chuy and runs. Joe protects him by grabbing Chuy. Joe begs Chuy to come back, which he does and sobs in his husband’s arms.

The Midnighters gather at the restaurant. Relationship tested, Creek goes home alone. Olivia and Lemuel head home as well, but Lemuel is still shaken by the day's discovery. When Joe and Chuy get up to leave, Chuy apologies to everyone.

The next day Fiji breaks down. She misses the way the town was and is scared. Bobo offers to watch over her and stay on the porch.

Midnight, Texas
Photo by: Karen Kuehn/NBC

Manfred meets Joe and they talk about the apocalypse. Joe thinks Manfred is still the one to lead them, but Manfred disagrees. He asks why Manfred’s still in Midnight, and he admits Creek is the reason. After Manfred leaves, Chuy arrives and says they have to leave.

Going home, Manfred and Creek talk. She shares her insecurities with him and says she needs time to be alone and figure out who she is now. Manfred handles the break-up as best as he can, he says he will give her whatever she needs. After, Manfred takes his camper and leaves Midnight, despite Xylda’s protests.

“Angel Heart” is another solid episode of Midnight, Texas. I liked how this episode focused on the relationships. Joe and Chuy’s background was interesting and I liked how we learned more about them. I like how Fiji and Bobo are progressing. The Lemuel and Olivia moments were the most surprising. I’m still not a big fan of Creek and Manfred, but I’m interested to see what happens as the show progresses.

Tune in Monday and Wednesday night at 10 p.m. for a two night special event of Midnight, Texas on NBC. Check out the preview for the two episodes below.

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