'Midnight, Texas' recap: 'Blinded by the Light'

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This week on Midnight, Texas the Midnighters look for a missing girl and discover something sinister close to home.

“Blinded by the Light” begins with a group of teens running through Midnight. They stop at Fiji’s house, wondering if they should destroy her property when she comes outside and pushes them off her land with magic. They then run to the graveyard and the boys spraypaint the tombstones before running directly into Lemuel. Frightened, they get into their jeep, leaving the girl Aerin, behind in town. She walks after her friends, but a vehicle chases her off the road. When the driver gets out and walks towards her, Aerin screams.

The next morning, Fiji wakes up to a demon hand on her body. She tells herself it is not real, but she finds marks on her leg.

Meanwhile, Creek and Manfred wake up together. After he sees a ghost, he tells Creek being a medium is hard on his health, likening seeing ghosts to having a bad hangover. Creek’s solution is to take him to get breakfast at the restaurant.

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Creek’s brother Connor comes into the restaurant for some take-out, and Creek asks him how work is going. She notices a bruise on his arm and he denies it came from their father.

At breakfast, the Rev approaches Manfred and the two have a quick chat about the increased supernatural activity in Midnight. A boy comes in looking for Aerin, but neither of them saw her the night before. Manfred and the Rev get the Midnighters together to talk about the missing girl and the spike in supernatural behavior. When split up to go looking for Aerin, Fiji tells the Rev she is being haunted by a demon.

Searching outside of town, Creek tells Manfred her suspicions about her father Shawn abusing Connor. Seconds later, the two stubble upon a dead body. The woman is not Aerin, but Tiffany, who was on the vampire bus in episode 3. Olivia and Bobo arrive on the scene while Manfred tries to summon Tiffany’s ghost. Unable to contact her ghost, the group is left with no clues. Bobo mentions Aubrey and believes it is the same murderer. Olivia and Bobo decide the group needs to deal with the murderer without law enforcement interference.

Back in town, the cops question the Rev about Aerin, saying there will be a full investigation into her disappearance. Joe arrives after they leave and the Rev tells him about Manfred and Fiji’s troubles. He wants to tell the group about the veil, but Joe says it is too dangerous.

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Olivia and Bobo discuss the increase of supernatural creatures in Midnight and wonder if the killer is human or paranormal. Bobo asks what Fiji thinks of him now that she knows about his past, but Olivia says not to worry.

Creek takes Manfred to her father’s house looking for Connor. While Creek is looking elsewhere, Manfred hears ghosts and takes a pill. Then her father arrives and punches Manfred. Creek returns and they leave since Connor is not home. The couple runs into the Rev and confirms Aerin is still missing. While they talk, Manfred notices Connor coming into town from the desert, looking rough.

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After looking Connor over, Fiji thinks he has a concussion. He claims he went looking for Aerin and was hit on the head. Fiji asks if his attacker was human, which leads to her later telling the group about the demon. As discuss the increased paranormal activity, the Rev arrives in civilian clothes and says he’s there as Emilio, not as a reverend. He tells them the veil between the Midnight and Hell is weakening. Fiji is upset, asking why he did not tell her earlier and Bobo is concerned when she says the demon hurt her physically. Manfred voices everyone’s thoughts by saying they need to find the girl before the police come back given the weakening veil.

Manfred and Lemuel continue the search for Aerin and find her alive in the arms of Creek’s father Shawn. Manfred comes home and tells a shaken up Creek they believe Shawn is the murderer. Later, Creek goes to see Connor and tells him about their father and that the girl is still alive. She says she will take care of him and that the Midnighters are questioning their father.

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The group questions Shawn at the pawn shop by asking how many other girls he killed, but Shawn remains silent. Manfred arrives and agrees with the Rev to question Shawn further, even though the others want to kill him for his crimes. Declaring Shawn’s victims might talk to him, Manfred goes to his home. He hears a collection of ghosts screaming in Connor’s room and finds a shoe box hidden in his vent. In it, he finds the mask used by the person who killed Aubrey and realizes the horrible truth.

Manfred rushes to question Aerin at Fiji’s place. He shows her a picture of Connor and she confirms he is the one who attacked her with a metal pipe. She fought back with a rock and managed to escape. Looking in the box, Bobo finds a ring he gave to Aubrey. He and Manfred leave to go tell Creek.

At the same time, Connor tells Creek he needs to leave Midnight, that he cannot stand to be there any longer. By the time Bobo and Manfred get to the house, the two are gone.

Back at the shop, Manfred frantically calls Creek with no success. He asks Shawn where Connor would take her, but he denies knowing. In Connor’s truck, Creek talks about their father and how dumb she feels for not knowing, while Connor tells her people trust their family.

Shawn tells the group Connor liked killing pets as a child and doctors wanted him to be institutionalized. He moved the kids to Midnight because it was remote and he believed the people could take care of themselves. The group once again presses that Connor might hurt Creek.

In the truck, Connor defends himself by saying the women killed were not innocent, while Creek questions how he can defend their father. Manfred calls and she answers, but Connor grabs the phone and throws it outside.

The Midnighters fear what will happen when Creek figures out Connor is the murderer. They argue outside about what to do, Manfred and Bobo want to drive and search, while the others try to think of a plan. Joe stops them all by revealing what he is takes off on his angel wings to find Creek, while Lemuel speeds off to search on foot.

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Creek figures out Connor is the murderer and tells him she can find him help, which he vehemently declines. He claims he is the same as the other Midnighters, but Creek disagrees. Connor drives erratically and almost wrecks the truck, but Joe arrives and stops the truck with a white light. Connor runs from the truck while Joe tries to calm Creek down. Lemuel arrives, goes after Connor and breaks his neck. When group comes back to town, Manfred comforts Creek.

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Back at Fiji’s, Aerin is healed thanks to magic. Bobo tells her Connor cannot hurt anyone ever again and they ask her to not tell people what happened or Midnight will be in trouble. Aerin says she will tell them she got hurt and was looked after by a nice group of people in Midnight. Her mom arrives, and she says goodbye to Fiji.

Creek tells her father about Connor and yells at him for what he did to their family. He tries to guilt trip her into staying with him, but she yells, saying he protected Connor over his own daughter. She tells him their relationship is over.

Fiji holds a magical memorial for the women killed, burning the items Connor kept. The others stand and mourn for those lost and Fiji wishes them all peace. Creek mourns the loss of her family and the life she knew, while Manfred tries to offer comfort.

Later, the Rev and Joe talk about the veil. Since Joe used his power to save Creek, he will be in danger. He calls his husband and leaves him a message, telling him not to come back, because a war is coming.

This was an interesting episode and I am enjoying the show overall. I found Creek boring before this episode, mostly because we saw very little of her personality, but I liked how she stood up to her father. The twist was good and I liked how Manfred figured it out. Overall a solid episode and I am looking forward to the next.

Check out the preview for the episode 7 of Midnight, Texas below. Midnight, Texas airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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