Midnight, Texas' recap: 'Last Temptation of Midnight'

"This week on Midnight, Texas, the Midnighters face internal and external trouble with themselves, friends and foes due to the veil weakening.

Last week on Midnight, Texas, relationships were tested after Joe and Chuy revealed their secrets to the Midnighters. When the fighting was done, Manfred left Midnight without saying goodbye.

“Last Temptation of Midnight” begins with the violent death of a priest. A supernatural being without a face, kills the priest and steals his face. The being talks about opening the gates of hell and puts the priest's body in a van.

Xylda argues with Manfred about leaving Midnight. She had a vision of him before her death, which is why she told him to go to Midnight. Manfred is angry, and continues driving.

Back in Midnight, everyone is trying to deal with the aftermath of the past few days. Lemuel feeds off Olivia’s energy. The two talk about Manfred leaving, Lemuel is surprised, while Olivia is not.

Olivia goes to the restaurant and talks to Creek. Olivia tries to comfort her, but Creek swears she is okay and is staying with Fiji. She heads to the back room and talks to the Rev. The Rev is eating a bloody steak, despite being a vegetarian. They talk about the veil, and Olivia wonders if that is why he is feeling anemic.

Xylda continues to chide Manfred on the road, demanding he goes back. In a flashback, the audience sees little Manfred playing with ghost children and live children laughing at him, not able to see the ghosts. Xylda threatens the kids with a curse and they leave. She tells Manfred not to talk to the spirits in public. Manfred asks Xylda about his mother, who cannot see spirits. She tells him his mother wants him to be with someone who understands his gift and he lives with her now.

In present day, Manfred’s RV breaks down on the side of the road. Worried and out of pills, water and food, he leaves, walking back to a gas station a few hours away.

The demon is still haunting Fiji, causing her to breakdown. A neighbor-woman named Janice stops by and asks for help. Fiji thanks her for reminding her to help others and gets to work on a remedy. Janice says she feels better and then starts looking at some of Fiji’s knives. Fiji goes to get her some more herbs and then hears the door close. Bobo sees Janice walking out of Fiji’s with a knife and starts walking towards her when Fiji comes out. Janice tries to stab herself, but Fiji uses her powers to grab the knife, then she and Bobo try to calm Janice.

At the church, Janice tells Fiji she has been hearing a demonic voice saying she should die. Fiji tells her to leave Midnight and she leaves with her husband. The Rev thinks it is the veil weakening, but Fiji believes the demon haunting her is also preying on Janice because she is sad and unprotected. The demon is getting louder, more powerful and feeding on death. Fiji lets the others know she is going to stop the demon from hurting anyone else.
At the shop, Bobo and Olivia discuss how to protect the town. Olivia gives him silver bullets that will work against vampires. Citing Joe taking Chuy away and the Rev eating meat, she tells him the effect the veil has on paranormals control. Despite the danger, Bobo declares he is staying in Midnight.

The supernatural being that stole the priest's face flags a man down on the road. He kills him and steals his face. In the back of his van, there are multiple dead bodies.

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Creek sees a package for her on Fiji’s doorstep. It’s a note from her father and the deed to his land.

Later at the restaurant, Olivia takes a business call while Lemuel stares creepily at her neck. Creek delivers their order and tells them about her father leaving town. Though she has the deed to the house, she cannot imagine going there again. Creek asks if Lemuel can take the pain away, but Olivia immediately says no. Lemuel looks confused as Olivia makes excuses to Creek. After she leaves, Lemuel and Olivia argue about the energy leaching. He then brings up her talk of leaving him in the future and asks her not to leave without saying goodbye.

Meanwhile, Manfred is struggling through the desert, looking for civilization. He passes out and remembers when Xylda killed herself because of the cancer. When he wakes up, Xylda tells him about the vision she had before she died. She saw him trying to stop a war in Midnight, and they will die if he does not return. Xylda tells him goodbye because by telling him, her unfinished business is done and she can move on.

Manfred hitches a ride with a truck, but unfortunately it is with the supernatural being who steal faces. He sees the ghosts of the people the being killed and Manfred talks to the being, who talks about raising a demon. He then lets the being know he knows what he is and the two fight, with Manfred pulling off the being's stolen face and jumping out of the truck.

Back in Midnight, Olivia and Lemuel chat about what is coming. She is worried about fighting supernaturals and he holds her, sucking away the bad energy. His teeth extend and he starts moving towards her neck, so she hits him with silver. He apologizes, saying he is not sure what happened.

The again no-faced being looks around for Manfred, not realizing he stowed away with the dead bodies on the truck. He finds a cell phone on one and calls Fiji and tells her about the supernatural being coming with an offering of dead people for the demon. Fiji tells him about Janice and how she was susceptible because she was sad. Worried, he asks about Creek.

Creek is at the restaurant, staring at the deed to her father’s house. When Fiji calls, she turns off her phone.

Olivia is worried and scared seeing what the weakening veil is doing to Lemuel. He brings up making her vampire again, but she believes people should die and not live forever. He asks why she is with him, if it is just leeching her pain or she likes to be afraid. She stabs him with a stake, close to his heart to make a point, but he is no longer himself and runs after her to their apartment, grabbing scissors after locking the door.

Meanwhile, the supernatural being arrives in Midnight and dumps the bodies on the street, Manfred included. He arrives just in time to save Creek from killing herself, and Fiji shows up with a potion to help. Back to herself, Creek is confused and overwhelmed. Fiji tells Manfred they have to go give the others the potion because some of them are acting weird.

Lemuel breaks into the apartment, and Olivia attacks. Having weirdly changed her hair in that short time, she demands he gets out of her apartment. They have a big fight, in which she uses multiple weapons against him with varying levels of success. He throws her and she lands in the tub, readying to attack when Manfred bursts in and throws the potion on Lemuel. Horrified by what he has done, he tries to apologize and backs away from Olivia when she asks. Still shaken, Olivia notes Manfred is there and he tells them he needs their help.

The no-faced supernatural pours gasoline over the bodies but the group attacks. It tells Fiji the demon has chosen her and Fiji hears the demon. The road cracks and opens up with fire burning the bodies. The being breaks free and grabs Fiji. Manfred asks the spirits to grab the being and drag him to Hell. The sacrifice happened, so the demon will be coming.

The next day, Bobo checks on Fiji and promises to protect her from the demon.

Elsewhere, Creek visits Manfred and he tells her about Xylda passing. The two talk and he conveys how much he still wants a relationship with her, and is around no matter what she decides.

I liked this episode. Parisa Fitz-Henley (Fiji) and Arielle Kebbel (Olivia) continue to deliver my favorite performances and at this point, my two favorite characters. I think the show has done a good job of balancing the relationships between the characters, learning about them, and the overall plot of the veil considering the small amount of episodes.

Do not forget to tune in tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC for the penultimate episode of Midnight, Texas, “Riders on the Storm.” Check out the trailer below.


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