'Midnight, Texas' recap: 'Riders on the Storm'

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The week on Midnight, Texas, the Midnighters must battle evil creatures as the veil finally breaks.

On the last episode of Midnight, Texas, Manfred returned to town, Lemuel and Olivia’s fought and a sacrifice was completed to open the veil.

“Riders on the Storm” begins with Fiji having a vision about a creature the demon Colcannar sent. She tells the creature she will never go to Colcannar.

Midnight, Texas
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Joe tells Manfred about the last time the veil opened, saying it was a war zone filled with death and demons. The first change when the veil opens will be the weather. They continue to talk about the upcoming apocalypse when they hear Fiji.

Looking outside, they see her talking to the air. They rush outside as the same time as Bobo. Fiji is still arguing with the invisible creature and tries to light it on fire. The fire almost hits Joe and Manfred and Lemuel arrives in time to grab Fiji. She wakes from her vision, telling them all it was real.

Midnight, Texas
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Back at her house, Manfred asks Fiji about the vision while Bobo and Creek try to be of some comfort. Lemuel tells the others he leeched her pain. When he leaves, the others speculate about he and Olivia, and Bobo says Lemuel has not come home.

After Creek leaves for work the next morning, Fiji thinks about her past. In a flashback, Fiji arrives in Midnight, meeting the eye of a young man for a moment. She then meets her Aunt Mildred and Mr. Snuggly the cat in front of what is now her house. Fiji tells Mildred she is working on herself and wants to finish college and get a job. The two talk and Fiji tells her about blackouts she had where she set fire to a room, and another time broke windows. Mildred tells her they are alike, that they are both witches.

Back in the present, Joe and Manfred are researching the upcoming apocalypse. Manfred asks who closed the veil the last time it opened, and Joe tells him the shaman who did it died and his body buried under the church. Joe tells him to hurry as they see a sandstorm approaching and know the veil is opening.

Stopping by the restaurant, Manfred tells Creek to evacuate the customers and get everyone out of town. Creek wants to stay and help, but Manfred convinces her to leave with the others. Unfortunately on the way out of town, a sign hits her car and she is knocked out for a few moments. The car refuses to start, so she tries to work on it in the sandstorm with a scarf around her face.

At Fiji’s, Olivia is annoyed Bobo neglected to call her the night before, but he was unsure she wanted to be near Lemuel. Olivia is still hurt and worried, wearing large amounts of silver. Bobo gives her his support and hope that the two will fix their relationship.

Bobo checks up on Fiji, who says he should leave, and brings up the fact that she did not respond to his confession of love. He refuses to leave, saying as long as she is in danger, he and Olivia are staying. This leads to another flashback for Fiji.

In the flashback, Mildred teaches Fiji about witchcraft. Explaining magic comes from her emotions, she shows Fiji how to make a tulip grow. Fiji has trouble, until she seems the same guy walk by, then she makes the flower grow. Unfortunately, she also makes the other plants grow and breaks the ceiling of the greenhouse. Mildred reiterates the importance of controlling emotions when using magic.

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In the present, Fiji looks out the window and sees the creature from her vision outside the house. Guns drawn, Bobo and Olivia leave to go find the creature.

Meanwhile, Manfred, the Rev, and Joe have been working together to free the shaman’s bones beneath the church. Alas all they find is an empty grave. The group hears an inhuman screech and runs to the surface. They see evil spirits, known as wraiths, and rush to the protection of Fiji’s house. The wraith’s mean Colcannar is coming.

Midnight, Texas
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Having fixed her car, Creek decides to head back to Midnight to help Manfred and her friends.

Fiji rubs homemade ointment on Bobo’s wounds and apologizes for her words earlier. The Midnighters discuss their plans. Manfred suggests they leave town and come up with a strategy to deal with the wraith’s and Colcannar. The others agree and start getting prepared. Olivia asks Manfred to go get Lemuel.

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Mr. Snuggly hides during storms and Fiji cannot find him, so Bobo joins the search. Once again, there is a flashback to Fiji’s past. In said flashback, she tells Mr. Snuggly to leave the greenhouse and turns around to officially meet Jeremy, the guy she kept seeing. He tells her he knows about Mildred being a witch and compliments the flowers. Fiji introduces herself, saying her parents liked to name their children after places they wanted to visit.

Lemuel is completely wrapped up to protect himself from the sun as he and the others run towards the vampire bus. Fiji is still upset, not wanting to leave Mr. Snuggly behind, so Manfred tells them to go and he will get Mr. Snuggly. He finds the cat in the greenhouse and pushes him in the cat carrier. Across the street is a wraith, but Manfred is saved by Creek.

Manfred questions why Creek returned and she tells him about her car trouble. She claims she wondered if any of them would have issues with their cars. After saying was worried about him, and their friends, Mr. Snuggly tells them to “get a room.” The two are shocked, not knowing the cat could talk.

In the bus, Bobo tells Fiji that Manfred and Mr. Snuggly made it out. He asks if Fiji is keeping something from him, which she denies.

In another flashback, Fiji sits with Jeremy and tells him about her time in a psychiatric hospital. She got caught not taking her pills and later lit her room on fire with her emotions, though she did not know it at the time. The two hold hands and kiss, while Mildred looks on in concern. Mildred tells her she is extremely powerful and she needs to be careful.

In present day, Olivia made hotel reservations a couple hours away, but the group realizes they are being followed by the sandstorm. Bobo gives them directions to a building without windows so they can take shelter. As they rush inside, Fiji sees the creature from her vision. Fiji tells the group the storm is following her, and they ask what she has neglected to tell everyone.

Midnight, Texas
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They continue to question her, making her emotions go wild and she breaks a light. She tells them Colcannar wants to take her magic and because she is an older virgin witch, that means she is more powerful. The group thanks her for her honesty. Embarrassed, Fiji tells them she needs a minute and takes her stuff and Mr. Snuggly to another area. She slinks down to the floor and Mr. Snuggly mentions she left something out of her story.

The next flashback shows Jeremy and Fiji celebrating their three month anniversary. They say their I love yous and agree to have sex. They start kissing but then he is burning inside. Fiji tries to put out the fire and control her emotions, but she is too late to save Jeremy.

Lemuel and Olivia finally talk. Olivia still loves him, but says this is his heads up. She is leaving Midnight after Fiji is safe. She feels unsafe and stayed in Midnight much longer than planned because of their relationship. Lemuel thanks her for the years they spent together and offers to leech away her pain as she cries. She tells him no, as she has to get used to life without him again.

Meanwhile, Manfred talks to Creek. He is worried because he has no real plan. He gives Fiji some family curses to look over. They look over the black magic curses they have and tell the group they can use one for answers, but it requires a sacrifice. The Rev immediately offers himself, saying he has killed a lot of people. However, Mr. Snuggly shocks everyone who did not know he could talk by saying he is old and wants to see Mildred again.

Midnight, Texas
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Fiji gets the ritual ready and begins. The magic surrounds the Mr. Snuggly, but instead of the cat dying, Manfred falls over. Fiji begins to panic as Olivia starts CPR. Joe pulls her away when it is obvious Manfred is dead. Creek lays on him, saying he is not gone, it is just magic. She tells him to come back, that she is ready for them to be together.

Meanwhile, in death, Manfred meets the shaman and asks how to close the veil. The shaman whispers the answer to Manfred.

Fiji leaves the building, going to the creature outside and asks how they knew about her past. The creature reveals their face and Fiji is shocked to see Jeremy. Jeremy says Colcannar sent him because he knew she would listen to her old boyfriend. She apologizes, and Jeremy tells her if she goes to Colcannar with him none of her friends will be hurt.

Back in the building, the group is still in shock. Manfred springs to life, scaring them all. He tells them the spell worked and he talked to the shaman. He asks for Fiji and the group notices she is gone. They rush outside, and realize she has gone to meet Colcannar.

I liked getting to know Fiji better. Her past was not was I was expecting. I like that Creek came back for Manfred, even though I am still not super into their relationship. I thought the talk between Olivia and Lemuel was really well done. Overall a solid penultimate episode.

Tune in Monday at 10 p.m. on NBC for the season finale of Midnight, Texas. Check out the preview below.

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