Short Box Podcast 173 The Real Housewives of Comics

short box podcast superheroes

Short Box Podcast's mission is to bring comic-book and pop-culture entertainment as well as opinionated discussions to the novices and know-it-all gurus alike.

In this episode, we've got a full cast together to discuss Ashley's wild Heroes Con weekend and the trials and tribulations of comic book marriages. We plunge head first into the rabbit hole of the weird and crazy reasons why heroes and companies tie the knot.

The Short Box is the premier comic book and pop culture podcast. It was created by Badr Milligan, Walter Gant, and Andrew Torres. The show is currently hosted by Badr, alongside co-hosts: comedian Cesar Cordero, writer Adam Wollet, and artist Edmund Dansart.

The Short Boxers meet up on a weekly basis. They review both new and classic comic releases, movies, art, and everything in between. Aside from offering humorous discussions and entertaining conversation, the show provides an outlet for writers, artists, and creators to discuss events and upcoming projects.

So, if you're trying to make sense of the latest geek news. Or just asking, "What's worth checking out or getting into this week?" look no further. Stop and take a listen.

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