Top 10 best 'Rick and Morty' episodes (so far)

Rick and Morty

The popular Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty is ending its third season this coming Sunday, Oct. 1. We’re sad to see it go, seeing how it has been a great season overall. And with no announcement yet as to when fans can expect a fourth season, this might be good-bye for awhile.

Rick and Morty
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Through it all, Rick and Morty has taught us the important lesson that cartoons aren’t just for kids. There’s a way to make absurdist comedy in a 22-minute highly original format that millennials and adults will latch on to.

And latch on to they have. Rick and Morty is becoming more and more popular each season — each episode raking in somewhere around 3 million viewers. Despite the insanity this show often dives into, people are loving it.

So, as our time spent flying around the galaxy with Rick and Morty - fighting off anything from Snuffles the household dog to armies of Gromflomites - is coming to a close, we took a look back at the top ten Rick and Morty episodes thus far. We think you’ll like what we got.

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