Top 10 greatest Stephen King adaptations of all time

Stephen King might be one of the greatest horror authors to ever live. He has written terrifying tale after terrifying tale and nightmare after nightmare, including such horrifying novels as Salem’s Lot, Needful Things, Cujo, Gerald’s Game, etc.

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Naturally, many of his works have been adapted into various films, mini-series and television shows — some of which are really effective and some of which, well, not so much. We’re just going to pretend that Dreamcatcher never happen if that’s alright with you.

King’s latest adaptation — It — hits theaters this weekend (with huge box office tracking numbers) and looks like it could be one of his best to date. Seriously, this trailer is incredible and we’re including it again here just because it looks so good:

Now, because of the release of It, we’re taking a look back at all the spooky goodness that came before it. Here’s a list of the top ten Steven King adaptation movies:

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