Top 10 moments from ‘Preacher’ that totally blew your mind

8. Saint of Killers gets a soul (“Sokosha,” Season 2, Episode 6)

So, in the world of Preacher, apparently you’re able to legally purchase someone’s soul. That’s pretty neat. And Jesse giving up part of his soul to the Saint of Killers, only then to turn it against the Saint and use it as a weapon? Yeah, we didn’t see that one coming.

7. Jesse vs. Butcher fight scene (“Viktor,” Season 2, Episode 4)

As weird and bizarre as the show can be at times, Preacher also knows how to film a good fight scene every now and then — which is what Jesse’s fight against the Butcher is a perfect embodiment of. Staying true to Preacher form by playing “Uptown Girl” through the whole thing and having the dangling body constantly caught in the crossfire of blunt objects, this scene exists to remind us how fun Preacher can be some times.

6. Eugene meets Hitler (“Viktor,” Season 2, Episode 4)

So, after wrongly being sent to Hell by Jesse, Eugene meets Hitler and the two decide to team-up and escape together through a backdoor. No, we’re not making this up. It’s crazy, it’s weird but in the context of the show they somehow manage to pull it off.

5. Fiore’s death montage (“Mumbai Sky Tower,” Season 2, Episode 2)

Another thing that Preacher does really well is montages. Watching the angel Fiore ‘The Mighty Ganesh’ humorously try to kill himself multiple times, only to re-appear unsatisfied (angels don’t have the ability to stay dead in the world of Preacher) to the tune of “That’s Life” is one of our favorites. As it goes on we see Fiore create his own magic show and use his ‘power’ to wow audiences — a brilliant touch by the show’s writers.

4. God comes to Texas (“Call and Response,” Season 1, Episode 10)

Season 1 ended with Jesse’s insane plan to use the special phone he received from the angels to call Heaven and talk to God in front of the whole town — and it actually, kind of works. We later learn that it wasn’t actually God they were talking to, rather an impostor trying to cover up the fact that God is missing, but it certainly was a season finale for the books.

3. Herr Starr montage (“Pig,” Season 2, Episode 7)

In one six-minute long montage, Herr Starr — a character we knew nothing about prior to this scene — instantly became one of the coolest characters in all of Preacher’s existence. Memorable, funny and downright cruel, Herr Starr is the type of villain this show needed.

2. Angel fight scene (“Sundowner,” Season 1, Episode 6)

Given that angels can’t die, it seems kind of pointless to try and kill one, right? That doesn’t stop some people from trying. Because of that we’re graciously given a seventeen-minute fight scene that features the angels constantly dying and re-appearing. This whole scene, which takes place in a tight-quarters motel room, is a lot of fun, but also show’s great film-making and camera work to boot. 

1. Saint of Killers on the highway (“On the Road,” Season 2, Episode 1)

Season 1 of Preacher ended with the promise that we were going to see Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy leave Texas and start their cross-country road-trip to find God. Season 2, almost immediately, capitalized on that promise by giving one of the show’s most memorable scenes to date. Taking place on a high-way in the middle of nowhere, we see the Saint of Killers return as he tears down a squadron of police cars all in an effort to get to the Preacher. This was the moment we had been waiting for in the show and it totally delivered.

That’s our list. What do you agree with, what do you disagree with and what do you want to see in the season finale of Preacher? Let us know in the comments below.

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