Top 10 things that we want to see in 'It: Chapter 2'

At this point, it’s fair to say that the cinematic interpretation of Stephen King’s novel It was a hit. The film made $123 million at the box office in its first weekend of release alone — making it the largest opening of all time for a September release and for a horror movie.

It’s making all this money for good reason. While something like mother! is dividing audiences left and right (I'm liking it better the more I think about it), people are finding a universal love for It. It’s scary and it’s weird, but it also tells a good story and has a lot of heart — which is even attracting non-horror fans towards this movie.

Attention now turns towards what is going to happen in the sequel. In the novel, the book takes place in two separate timelines — one in 1957 when the Losers are kids (which the film wisely decided to bump up to 1986) and one in 1984 when they return as adults (we don’t know what year the second film will take place in yet, but we’re assuming present day).

We know that Andy Muschietti — director of part one of It — has no trouble deviating from the novel for his own creative interpretation, should Warner Brothers wisely chose to retire him. However, the book also gives It: Chapter 2 a lot to work with and there are certain things we definitely want to see in the sequel.

Click next for a list of the top ten things that we can't wait to see in It: Chapter 2.

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