Top 10 things that we want to see in 'It: Chapter 2'

10. Henry Bowers return

 The film left it slightly ambiguous as the what Henry’s fate was, as the last time we saw him he fell down a hole into the sewer where Pennywise lives. However, we have no doubt he’ll come back, as in the novel he plays a key role during the adult story line.

In the book, Henry is the one who is blamed for the child murders since the adults in the town don't believe the clown is real, which drives him absolutely crazy and he winds up in an insane asylum. From there, he vows he will one day get revenge on the Losers, and when Pennywise returns he's happy to give him that chance.

Nicholas Hamilton gave a terrifying performance as Henry in the film, and we can’t wait to see how they’re going to handle the character from here on out.

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