Watch the 2017 Annual Streamy Awards with us @celcafe

Streamy Awards

The 2017 Streamy Awards, which honor your favorite members of #TeamInternet, are streaming live tonight on Twitter and we'll be watching live with you!

Hosted by Jon Cozart, with Christine Sydelko and Elijah Danielserving as Trophy Models the Streamy Awards focus on streaming celebrities who light up our lives vlogging, singing, dancing, doing makeup and nails, gaming and so much more!

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The celebrities nominated for awards tonight include Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Jenna Marbles, Liza Kushy, Lilly Singh, Roman Atwood and Markiplier.

So why are we watching? These personalities have changed the way we watch the world - what could be more fascinating than watching them outside their natural environment, when someone else is controlling the camera - and the editing!

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Intrigued? Of course you are! Stream them on Twitter here -

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Where can you hang out with Celebrity Cafe? On twitter @celcafe of course.

Prefer to watch This Is Us tonight, we understand. You can watch the Streamys later on their YouTube Channel - it just won't be as fun.

Want to know more about the nominees? Check out our coverage here.

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