Who did it first Beyoncé or Taylor? Maybe they're both just, like, totally 1989?

Beyoncé, Madonna, Taylor Swift

2015 vs 2017? Sorry, these styles and moves are from 1989 - and not the album!

A battle royal has started between the fans of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift over who's music video copied whose.

After the premiere of "Look What You Made Me Do" at the VMAs the Beyhive began commenting on everything from what Taylor was wearing, to how her dancers were placed and everything in between, apparently seeing the video as a copy of Queen Bey's "Formation."

The thing is, they both have eerily similiar styles to the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Check out the style, formation and even the moves from her Sept. 1989 concert:

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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Fans went a bit further into archives to show comparisons, so here are a few more:
Headdress? Bey wore it well, but Madonna did it in 1993.
Embed from Getty Images
Blond hair, red lips - sorry TayTay, Madonna's done that too.
Embed from Getty Images

While we love them all, this feud is a bit silly. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, just say thank you - to Madonna that is!

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