'Arrow' Tribute Recap


In this episode of Arrow, the big finale cliffhanger was resolved as the fates of the characters caught in the explosion of Lian Yu were revealed. The only casualty was Samantha, as everyone else is either alive and well or in a coma. 

Oliver’s fatherhood plays a big role in this week’s episode as well. As the team deals with the fallout of Oliver’s secret identity as the Green Arrow becoming public, Ollie continues to struggle with how to be a good father to William. 

Oliver Queen walking into City Hall the morning after report on Channel 52 claiming he is the Green Arrow. Mayor Queen addresses the media and takes the stance of deny, deny, deny.

Oliver tasks Rene with finding out how exactly Channel 52 got the photo. But first, Oliver, Rene and Lance must have their first of a couple meetings with the FBI. They are investigating Oliver seeing as he was seemingly confirmed to be a known criminal on TV.

Oliver and a group of reporters are attacked and the Markovian businessmen are then taken hostage by Anatoly and the Bratva. The Bratva wants a very specific number in exchange for the hostages, $20 million. That is the exact amount Star City is using to rebuild the SCPD headquarters. This makes Oliver think that Anatoly is targeting Oliver again and is also responsible for leaking the photo to the press.

Photo by: The CW

Team Arrow is able to save three of the four hostages. Anatoly shoots the fourth hostage as a sign of how ruthless he will be in his pursuit to get back into the Bratva.

Not happy about being ditched by his father in the limo, William is acting out at home, so Raisa tells Oliver to come home. He misses a meeting with the FBI to talk with his son. William is worried that Oliver being the Green Arrow will lead to him not coming home one day. And having just lost his mother, William is terrified that he will become an orphan and that there will be no one to look after him.

Photo by: The CW

In order to make sure he will always be around for William, Oliver is giving up being the Green Arrow. Instead, Oliver wants Diggle to put on the suit. Star City needs the Green Arrow, but it doesn’t have to be Oliver.

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