Bella Thorne gets stylin' in new Logan Paul video 'Outta My Hair'

Logan Paul, Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been in some interesting situation, but in this music video with Logan Paul she takes things up a notch.

The video begins with a girls night out.  Bella, along with Hailee Bobailee and Lauren Elizabeth are discussing running - only for free pizza or if zombies are real, of course - when Logan pulls up, with his Maverick undies hanging out (#productplacement).

He tries to pick her up, she asks about his hair products.

Started conversating then you ask me all about my shampoo

They end up back at his place anyway, with satin robes and rose petals of course. But before things get hot, Bella sneaks off into the bathroom to check out Logan's styling products. She accosts him with a hairbrush as he sings:

Tryin’ to blowdry and brush it/You just want to touch it/Can't get you out of my hair.

Logan Paul, Bella Thorne

So maybe the zombie comments were a bit of foreshadowing.

Next day, Logan wakes up and all seems well - and with his hair on his head.

Then Bella pops out holding hairspray. He again thinks it's something ... more.

Candles are out, lights are up, I’m still on a mission/She said “I just wanna give you a deep condition”

Logan Paul, Bella Thorne

It's not. She just wants back in his hair. But add water and electricity and things go south fast.

Logan Paul, Bella Thorne

Bella awakens in full zombie-mode and the battle begins. From swords to blow dryers, flamethrowers and dabbing, it comes down to one punch.

Logan Paul, Bella Thorne

One epic punch.

Logan comes to singing his song, back in front of the club. "You're weird. Stay away from me," Bella tells him.


This campy video is a fun way to progress into Halloween. And a great source for some sexy zombie makeup.

Check out the full video here:

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