Chrystyna Marie concocts blues-driven pop/rock sound on debut album, 'Life'

Chrystyna Marie, Life

Originally hailing from Toronto, Chrystyna Marie is a blues/pop/rock songstress whose fixating blend of grungy blues and pop recalls instances of Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin.

The L.A.-based artist maintains that the classical mainstays are just as essential as modern contenders and finds musical inspiration in everyone from Ottis Redding and Etta James to Selena and Christina Aguilera.

Marie’s 2017 full-length debut, Life, finds her returning to her signature old school blues and rock sound.

The album opener, “I Want That Boom Boom” gets audiences railed up with it’s out of this world cadences.  Rollicking guitars and powerful vocals hits the pavement with this grungy blues-bent track drenched in rock overtones.  A gritty, rough and out sound pervades this edgy blues pop/rock track.  With an energized, big bustling variety approach to the music, the bluesy flavor is daring with a startling vibe.

“Devil With The Angel Eyes” incorporates the plucking sounds of the banjo to give this track more of a country bent vibe.  The enthused playing with the bass, guitar, drums, among other instruments back Marie’s fervent vocals.  This great blues-drenched flavor provides for an uninhibited sound, performed in an un-abashed fashion as the band members prove they are unafraid to play the kind of uproarious blues that will draw in a crowd.  To the effect, an amped, energized vibe pervades the great blues and rock flavors.

“Mr. Insecurity” has some jazzy outcomes with a sax solo inserting itself toward the beginning of this track.  There is a great moody bluesy vibe evident on this song as well.  The album sobers down for a bit for a mellower vibe on this bluesy ballad number.  A great dynamic sound is apparent with horns that offer up a jazzy interlude to the track.  Haunting and at the same time dreamy, a big booming bluesy vibe runs underneath the gamut of this song.

“The Witching Hour” has a great retro vibe to it with exciting sounds that elicits some '70s classic rock feel.  Radio-active guitars sound off of this bewitching music and subject matter.  The atmospheric blues soaked guitars fuels this song which is about awakening with witching powers and finding yourself empowered by this magical gift.

“Nobody Knows When You Are Down And Out” is a blues-driven track fused by rock and a great pop sensibility.  Marie’s barreling and gritty vocals, here, marches us straight into this enthused bluesy ambiance and we get a happening vibe with clamoring piano keys and an up-keyed electric guitar solo.

The big clanging bluesy sound perpetuates itself in the following tracks: on the saucy blues track filled with attitude and a jaunty vibe, “A Woman Knows,” on the dark sounds coming from the fervent rock and blues cadences on “Mama’s Blues,” and on the guitar heavy driven track with howling vocals and a big bluesy sound on, “Stop Stoppin’ Myself.”

Marie’s rich bluesy vocals are the breath of life to her latest album, which also happens to be called, Life.

Marie dotes on each track, imbuing her sense of artistry to every miniscule detail.  Each second on, Life, is matched by personal storytelling and emotional delivery.  Marie’s investments in producing an original sound that is all uniquely her own has motivated her to work over the past 3 years at a construction site 7 days a week and live in the fields of ND and the forests of PA in order to afford to record music that is just all on her own terms.

As an independent artist, Marie is dedicated to producing off the wall content such as this.  A great blend of rock, blues and pop, Life is fully charged with Marie’s emotional and powerful vocal range that definitely puts her in a whole different category all of her own.

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