Dr. Melanie Ross Mills tells us how to have awkward conversations with friends about money

Dr. Melanie Ross

While Hamlet’s Polonius offered the world good advice when he told his son Laertes “neither a borrower or lender be,” that can be tough to live with in the real world.

Sometimes friends borrow money from each other, and usually they have every intention of paying the friend back, but that doesn’t always go as expected. October 17 is National Pay Back a Friend Day, we have friendship and relationship expert Dr. Melanie Ross Mills offer tips on how to navigate the awkwardness of having to pay back friends.

Dr. Mills, or Dr. Mel as she is affectionately called, is licensed temperament therapist, and has been praised for her “extraordinary gift of connection.” This Dallas-based therapist offers relational support through a range of platforms including her Life Bonds iTunes Podcast, Life Bonds Book Series (The Friendship Bond, The Identity Bond and The Couples Bond), and Life Bonds Workshops. In addition, Dr. Mel offers insight through personal one-on-one sessions, public speaking engagements, and her social media platforms (@drmelaniermills). She has appeared in many media including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills spoke with Michelle Tompkins for TheCelebrityCafe.com about how to successfully have the tough conversations with friends about paying back money, how planning ahead is importance, what kinds of new technology such as person-to-person payments makes it easier, what tools Bank of America has created to help people with this issue, why these situations are so stressful and what can be done to make them easier and more.

See the full interview here.

For more information on Dr. Melanie Ross Mills of National Pay a Friend Back Day, check here.

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