Early 'Justice League' box office tracking numbers released

Justice League

Justice League is hitting theaters in just a couple weeks. Early estimates, according to an article from Deadline, are now saying that the film is looking to make somewhere between $110-$120 million opening weekend.

That means that Justice League is currently on pace to make more than DC’s other outing this year — Wonder Woman — did in June, which opened to $103.2 million. Wonder Woman, however, benefited from strong word of mouth and went on to gross over $400 million at the domestic box office.

The early Justice League estimate does come in lower than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’s opening weekend, which took in $166 million, as well as Suicide Squad’s, which made $133 million.

And then there are plenty of other things that could alter the DC blockbuster as well — Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok comes out just two weeks prior to Justice League, which is also tracking well, and The Punisher is hitting Netflix that same weekend.

Deadline is also reporting that Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jason Mom as Aquaman are what moviegoers are most excited to see, according to a poll done on Fandango. 86% of those surveyed are excited to see Wonder Woman in a film again and 89% identified themselves as DC fans.

It’s important to note, however, that early box office tracking is often problematic and inaccurate. It was originally only suppose to make $60 million on its opening weekend according to the tracking numbers, and winded up making double that. There’s a number of different factors that could either bring money in or take money away.

The biggest of those factors will likely be quality. Given that DC has had a shaky record as of thus far (the announcement of several spin-off films in alternate universes and the 121 minute runtime isn’t helping), there’s a large crowd who might wait to hear the critical reception before deciding whether they want to spend money to see Justice League in the theaters.

Justice League will indeed eventually hit theaters on Nov. 17. Check out this new international trailer that was released a couple of days ago, and also click here to see where Justice League ranked in our list of films we're still excited for in 2017.

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