First few singles to come off of Create The Cuture's new EP, 'Create'

Create The Culture

Create The Culture are all from different backgrounds, born in different countries across the world, with different backstories, but all unanimously share the same passion for music.  Like their group moniker exclaims CTC has created their own eclectic culture, forging a music vibe with principles that encompass the spreading of Love, Loyalty, Crew-Love and Self-Expression.

Comprised of Ace, Kaiba, Pascal, and bk Fire, the members’ true identities are veiled in secrecy.  Their anonymity arises from the mystique of the night club scene, and their sound is something that embraces the experiences of nightlife, R&B, and the world of hip hop.

CTC is revealing the first few singles to come off of their new EP, Create.

The first single is “On The Road” that is filled with auto-tuned vocals containing a robotic, T-Payne vibe. The great R&B feel to the track relinquishes a great groovy cadence.  There is also a great flow within this track that really rides the crests of the wave of sound.  This is an enticing track with great mellow-driven and excellently executed, tantalizing beats.

The second single is “Found My Way” and arrives with resounding keys and a vibe layered with vocal harmonies.  There is definitely a calming effect to the R&B vibe.

With these smooth tunes to circulate on repeat on your sound-system, Create The Culture delivers an even-balance of R&B and hip hop-inspired bash of sounds in their first few singles to come off their newest EP, Create. 

Exciting as well as riveting, CTC imbues their chilling hip hop style with a real cool vibe, filled to the tee with their icy blend of super silky beats and contemporary R&B grooves.

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