'The Flash' Mixed Signals Recap

In this episode of Flash, the team goes up against Kilgore, a metahuman who can control technology and has started using said powers to kill his former business partners who cut him out of the profits of an app that they developed together.

First, he murders Dean Cain lookalike Tim by hacking into an elevator and shaking him to death Then, he sets his sights on Tim Kwan, sending Tim’s car speeding into traffic at 120 mph. Iris tells Barry to take Wally into the field with him, but Barry, in his new suit Cisco made for him, speeds off to save the day on his own. Barry uses his speed to disassemble the car so the car’s seat is all that remains when Tim finally comes skidding to a halt.

Tim pays Sheila a visit to warn her that their former partner is trying to kill them, but she doesn’t take him seriously until Kilgore shows up and uses her insulin pump to give her an insulin overdose. Luckily, Kid Flash arrives in time with a handy glucose injection to save her, but he fails to stop Kilgore from kidnapping Tim.

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With Caitlin’s help, Cisco realizes Gypsy isn’t really okay with their postponed date. He asks her what’s up, and Gypsy admits she was excited to spend the day together because on Earth-19, it’s 1-1-1 Day, a romantic holiday celebrated when two separate souls become one soul. Gypsy hates that she likes Cisco enough to want to celebrate such a cheesy day, which is super cute. Unfortunately, Cisco has his Eureka! moment right then and runs off because he figured out how to stop Kilgore. Caitlin and him need to create a compound that will reverse the ones and zeroes in Kilgore’s DNA, thereby deactivating his power.

The Flash and Kid Flash head back into the field to save Tim. Deacon detects the new tech in Barry’s suit, takes control of it, and starts manhandling Barry.

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After using the unnecessary blasters to knock out Wally, Kilgore locks Barry in the suit and activates both the raft function, which inflates the suit. Barry, who is forced to call the team on a conveniently placed payphone, has no idea what to do. Iris tells Barry to throw lightning at himself. He does and it works: He regains control of himself and defeats Deacon.

Photo by: The CW

With the day saved, Cisco and Gypsy get to finish their date. While Barry and Joe pay Deacon a visit in prison because they have one pressing question: How did Deacon get his powers if he wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded? It turns out someone else is behind that, and he’s not the only metahuman who got their powers this way. Meanwhile, The Thinker learns that Deacon, a.k.a. Subject One, has been locked up in Iron Heights, which means it’s now time to find the other ones.

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