G. H. Hat tackles the EDM industry with his newest single, "I Got A Problem (I Wonder) [feat. Mickey Shiloh]"

"I Got A Problem (I Wonder)" Single Cover Art, G. H. Hat, Mickey Shiloh

Multi-genre producer, remixer, composer, and performer G. H. Hat enters a new phase in his musical career.  With 290 Classical releases under his belt, G. H. Hat first entered the EDM scene in 2016 and if his first release “Primal” is of any evidence, the producer is on his way to becoming one of the most anticipatory acts in the EDM arena.

“Primal,” an instrumental trip-hop release was on the Soundcloud Top 50 trip-hop charts for 14 straight weeks, which was followed by his next trip hop release, “Joyogistic” that was also met with the same acclaim.

His “Piano Jam (Ode to Kygo)” was the first of several songs to be picked to be played on Spotify’s official Playlist and has remained on it for over a year now.

The sought out producer is unleashing is latest single “I Got A Problem (I Wonder) [feat, Mickey Shiloh]” that is filled with bouncy beats.  This energized track is a great EDM production containing a pulsating electronic section paved with a futuristic vibe and invigorating vocals.

This great intoxicating sound will be sure to put audiences in a rapturous trance.  G. H. Hat creates dynamic dance music, making his induction into the Electronic Dance Music scene a highly momentous one!

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