'Ghosted' recap: 'Whispers'

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Florida, a succubus and, oh look, Craig Robinson is possessed again, oh my!

The third episode of Fox’s Ghosted, entitled “Whispers,” began with Max and Leroy trying to hold a conversation while in the midst of target practice. Max, much like last week, is an upbeat mood as he’s being told it won’t be long now before he gets to meet his wife. Leroy once again doesn’t share the positivity, which leads Max to question Leroy’s romantic life.

After doing some digging, Leroy confesses that it’s been a few years since he’s really dated. His last girlfriend, Tanya, ended poorly — she’s now engaged. While Leroy won’t admit he cares, he clearly does — and he also can’t listen to “Walking in Memphis” any more as that was Tanya’s favorite karaoke song.

Cut to the bureau. Max and Leroy are being briefed about their next mission — they’re headed to Florida. A body — found without a heart — was found in a resort called Whispers in Tampa Florida. And if a heartless body wasn’t strange enough, the real weird thing is that there was no incision anywhere to be found. Somehow this guy’s heart was taken out without even being cut open.

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The two are off, Max treating it like a vacation and Leroy just wanting to get the job done. Max comes up with their cover story — it’s a bachelor party, despite there only being two of them. When Leroy questions him about what his real bachelor party was like, Max admits: “My actual bachelor party was just me and my friend Rory. I mean, he did end up having to cancel at the last minute, and I went by myself. But that’s nothing.”

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Back at the bureau, Lafrey — finally getting a subplot of her own — is assigning a special mission to Annie and Barry: they have to spy on her daughter. Shannon, now 13, has been keeping her mother in the dark about where she runs off to and given that Lafrey has the equipment to monitor just about anyone in the world, she decides she isn’t going to stand for that behavior.

Returning to Tampa, the dynamic duo has found their first lead. Keith, a photographer, was seen near the scene of the crime and was also present during a similar crime that took place in Hawaii six years ago. And, just their luck, he just so happens to be available to for a bachelor’s party photo shoot. Cut to a montage of Max and Leroy posing in various poses, Adam Scott and Craig Robinson clearly having a blast filming these moments. However, once they try to question Keith about his whereabouts during the murder, he quickly comes up with an excuse and cuts the photoshoot short.

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Shortly after their abrupt departure, another body has turned up — and it’s Keith. Max, trying to set up Leroy, sees an attractive female cop that he thinks would be a perfect fit for his partner. He walks over to her and tries to get some info — only to be shut down.

Not all hope is lost, however, as they run into her — Natalie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) — at a bar. Max decides to bounce, not wanting to get in Leroy’s way, and Leroy and Natalie start hitting it off. Natalie tells him about the case — another missing heart with no scar. But work talk is then dropped and forgotten, as the two decide to head back up to Leroy’s room together.

And it all probably would have gone great until Max intervenes once again. While Leroy was at the bar, Max got a phone call from Barry who thinks he might have cracked the case. Barry thinks they’re looking for a Sumerian demon — an entity who seduces men by putting them in a hypnotic trance state, and then absorbing the life out of them. Aka stealing hearts. And, as Max catches a glimpse of Natalie’s tattoo as she’s leaving with Leroy, he’s suddenly convinced it’s her.

Doing what any good friend would do, Max bust into Leroy’s hotel room just as the two are getting intimate. Leroy is, obviously, angry and Natalie denies all the claims Max throws at her. But after a large amount of pushing, Natalie finally caves and reveals that she actually is this seducing demon — and now she’s mad. So mad that she possess Leroy and tells him to throw Max off the balcony.

Her evil plan might have worked too, except that — just when all hope seemed lost — Max starts singing “Walking in Memphis,” which brings the old Leroy we all know and love back. The two, now regrouped, fight off Natalie and throw her off the balcony, only to have her escape at the last second.

Everything at the bureau gets wrapped up in the meantime — Lafrey’s daughter knew she was being monitored and put on a rouse for her mom to try and teach her that she’s a teenager and wants to live her own life. The two share a touching moment, as Annie and Barry awkwardly sit in on the whole conversation.

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And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Max is told he can finally see his wife. He’s brought into the psychiatric hospital, with Leroy for support. He walks in, delighted to see his wife. She seems perfectly normal at first, as the two clearly have missed each other. That’s when Max asks the question he’s been wondering for the past couple of years: What happened that night? And her response? She leans in close and whispers “do not look for me — at which point she slams Max’s head down, throws a chair at the window and makes her escape, all to the tune of “Walking in Memphis.”

And that’s it. While the two were finally reunited, we have no clue what’s going on between Max and his wife. But the show has us — while each episode is somewhat formulaic and procedural, there seems to be some kind of overarching story going on and, once again, the chemistry between Scott and Robinson has proven to be able to hold the show.

Check out all of our other Ghosted recaps and remember to watch the new episode on Sunday Nights at 8:30 EST on Fox.

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