Google Pixel 2 add campaign enlists popular YouTubers

Google Pixel 2

Google is working with the popular digital studio Portal A in a new Youtube campaign that’s designed to help with the launch of their new smartphone, Google Pixel 2.

The campaign — which features eight different popular YouTuber's channels — began on Oct. 19. They have tapped cake artist Yolanda Gampp (and her channel 'How to Cake it'), comedy and sketch creators Alexis G. Zall, Josh Leyva and the Fung Brothers, beauty/fashion experts Nikita Dragon and Bri Hall, as well as lifestyle and tech junkie Shameless Maya.

Total, these eight channels reach around 10 million collective subscribers, according to Tubefilter. In addition to each of their individual videos, the campaign was showing in a video that was featured on YouTube’s homepage.

As well as Youtube, Google is taking their campaign across various social media platforms as well — including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more.

The Google Pixel 2 is now available for purchase, wherever it is that phones are sold.

Portal A has had a large YouTube presence over the year. They’re responsible for the popular “YouTube Rewind” videos, their 2016 edition being the most watched video ever released by YouTube for some time. Watch the video below, and check out all the individual member’s YouTube channels as well.

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