‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: The Demon’s Head’


We begin tonight’s episode of Gotham with another history lesson. Bruce and Alfred are visiting Dr. Winthrop at the Gotham Historical Museum trying to find out some information about the Embalmer’s Knife. They meet his grandson Alex and Dr. Winthrop will try and research this knife that everyone seems to want. 

Dr. Winthrop and Alex continue their research on the knife and find out that it is a sacred blade that will go to the one who “rises from the water.” They hear someone approaching and Alex takes the knife and hides. Ra’s Al Ghul himself arrives and wants to know where the knife is. Dr. Winthrop refuses to tell him. Ra’s Al Ghul quickly snaps his neck and leaves.

Jim and the new detective Harper check out the crime scene at the museum. They find out that Bruce Wayne was the last person to visit Dr. Winthrop. Bruce actually shows up at the moment wanting to know what happened. He is hesitant to explain anything about the Embalmer’s Knife to Jim. Bruce mentions Barbara Kean’s name to Jim. Looks like we know the next person Jim is going to visit.

Penguin is just staring intently at Edward’s hat wondering about his whereabouts. Sofia Falcone meets with him to discuss why she has arrived in Gotham. She wants to meet with her father’s old contacts. Penguin seems very skeptical to trust her and warns her not to cross him because this is his city now. Penguin later gets a very interesting rapping riddle from two homeless men. This is very puzzling to him but makes for a funny scene.

Barbara Kean is a busy woman in this episode. She gets a visit from Ra’s Al Ghul. He gives her some information about the knife and reveals two interesting thugs that will help him acquire the knife. Later, she gets a visit from Jim who is wanting to know why she bid on the Embalmer’s Knife and where she is getting her money from. She won’t tell but Bruce bursts in and says he knows Ra’s Al Ghul is backing her. Jim takes Bruce outside and scolds him for bursting in. Bruce tells Jim that Ra’s is the true leader of The Court of Owls and is behind everything. They have to find the Embalmer’s Knife. Dr. Winthrop’s grandson is the key and they have to find him. 

Jim and Bruce’s search takes them to the Gotham Library where they find a scared Alex hiding in the historical records room. Alex tells them he hid the knife and before they can find out anything else, Ra’s weird thug creatures attack them. They are able to escape with minor injuries. They separate as Bruce and Alex go into hiding and seem to develop a friendship as they talk about their guilt and Bruce giving him a pep talk about controlling your fear.   

Jim returns to GCPD trying to figure out where Bruce is. He is shocked to be visited by Ra’s Al Ghul himself. Jim suspects Barbara is behind his visit. Ra’s gives the backstory about the knife and claims that his government wants the knife back. Jim doesn’t seem to be buying this and the two go back and forth. It is quite tense until Alfred storms in and punches Ra’s in the face. They turn around and discover that Ra’s has simply disappeared. Only in Gotham.

Sofia Falcone is meeting with her father’s old contacts and is starting to talk business when Penguin and Victor surprise. Penguin has Victor kill the old contacts and Sofia knows that Penguin set her up. It seems that while Penguin is still hesitant to trust her, he now thinks that he can control her. I think something is still up with her and we will find out more soon.

It quickly becomes Night at the Museum: The Gotham Edition. Alex takes Bruce to the museum where he hid the knife. They are not alone as Ra’s thugs continue pursing them. They seem lost until Bruce drops the knife and the chase begins. It looks like they are in trouble when Jim shows up and opens fire. They fight the thugs and eventually use some museum resources to defeat these creepy thugs. Jim wants the truth about the Embalmer’s Knife but they quickly find Ra’s holding a knife to Alex’s neck. Bruce refuses to give up the Embalmer’s Knife. This is a bold choice as Ra’s cuts Alex’s throat. Ra’s then asks Jim to please arrest him.

Edward’s mind continues to be lost. He storms into the Iceberg Lounge looking to seek revenge against Penguin. Penguin doesn’t seem worried because he knows Edward is lost. He is no longer The Riddler. Mr. Freeze shows up and looks to be moments away from putting Edward back on ice when Penguin has a change of heart. He wants Edward to live with the fact that he is lost and no longer The Riddler. Edward now wonders about who he actually is.

Bruce is crushed and feels responsible for Alex’s death. Jim wants to know more about Ra’s Al Ghul. He also wants to know more about Sofia Falcone’s intentions. He goes to visit her and she won’t reveal her plan. She does tell him that she promises to give Gotham back to him, he just has to trust her. The two share a passionate kiss.

We see Ra’s Al Ghul being transported to prison with a smile on his face. It’s almost like being arrested was part of his plan…


Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.   

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